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Will You Marry Me, My Ex-Wife? novel Chapter 705

When Luna and Bonnie reached the mall, Jason was already standing at the entrance with a huge bouquet of roses.

Luna has not seen Jason for almost a month.

Back then when they were in Sea City, Jason wore a dark blue outdoor jacket. He had dark stubble on his face, looking malicious and sly.

At that moment, Jason, who climbed the money tree that is Bonnie, was in an off-white suit, looking clean and suave.

The bouquet of roses in his arms was huge. It looked like it was 99 stalks of roses.

The quality and quantity of the bouquet was not something Jason, the type of person who constantly works hard for the money, could afford.

Luna even deduced that the roses that Jason bought for Bonnie must have been using Bonnie’s money.

At that thought, Luna swept a glance at Bonnie. "Let's get down." 1

In the car, Bonnie looked at Jason who was hugging a bouquet of roses. The first emotion that rose up in her was not elated joy, but annoyance.

Back then, when Jason gave her anything, even if it was just a bottle of drink, she would jump in


However, at that moment...

Looking at the bouquet of roses in Jason’s arm, those photos that Zach showed her appeared on her mind.

If the photos were real, did that mean that he had also given the woman such a bouquet of flowers?

At that thought, Bonnie had trouble breathing.

Although Bonnie was reluctant to get out of the car, Jason, by the entrance of the mall, had already recognized their car.

Thus, Jason, with the huge bouquet of roses in his arms, strode over to the car.

He smiled gently and opened the door. He chuckled lightly, "My princess, are you expecting me to come over to get you out of the car?”

However, Jason did not expect that the moment he opened the car door, the first person he saw was not Bonnie. It was Luna.

Luna, the woman that had been unconscious for more than a month. The woman that just gained consciousness not long ago.

Jason furrowed his brows hard. He gazed at Luna deeply and coldly.

"Why are you in Bonnie's car?"

"We bumped into each other, so we just had a catch-u p."


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