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18 Floors Above the Apocalypse novel Chapter 228

As the group brainstormed solutions, various ideas were thrown into the mix. "Let's scatter shards of glass beneath the walls. If they dare to climb over, they'll be skewered."

"We also need to secure our water well with additional locks. If that gets taken, we're done for."

They immediately set to work, determined to construct the wall before dawn, keeping danger at bay.

For safety, everyone stepped in, braving the heat to lend a hand.

Jasper was hard at work too, consulting with Mark about the best way to lay the posts for a more secure barrier.

Stella didn't venture downstairs. Instead, she immersed herself in the darkness, tinkering away. She was no mechanic, but after listening to the recording multiple times and puzzling over the machine for a good while, she finally managed to set up the sprinkler. She even took it in the Arcadia for an experiment. Ah, with this, watering wouldn't be a problem anymore.

They worked until the break of dawn, successfully dividing Eastwood Eden into two with a barrier built by countless hands.

Numerous bricks, cement bags, and heaps of sand are placed beneath the wall with the intention of keeping them secure and undamaged.

Everyone was exhausted, but nobody took a break. They went back to reinforce each building, quickly distributing the well water that was pitifully scarce.

As Stella was having her breakfast, she asked, "Should we enclose the building with an electric fence?"

After some thought, Jasper replied, "If a riot breaks out and a horde of people swarm in like zombies, the fence will be useless."

The place chosen by the officials for the refugee camp would need to accommodate at least a few thousand people. An electric fence could keep some people out, but not a large group. If they wanted to cause damage, they would find a way.

And if the fence was damaged, that would be a problem.

They hoped that the military would arrive soon, for the potential dangers were too great.

Rosie was watering sweet potato sprouts on the balcony when she suddenly tensed up. "They're here!"

She hurriedly started to hide things, moving the planters indoors.

Stella stepped onto the large terrace, only to see a black mass of people approaching on foot. The line of people seemed unending. Each person looked gaunt, dirty, and emotionally numb, like emotionless zombies. Although the people of Eastwood Eden were also thin, there was a stark difference in both physical condition and spirit. The sight was utterly depressing.

After moving all the planters and the sunshade from the terrace, Stella called Cooper and Rosie over. "From today onward, you two are not allowed on the terrace. Stay inside the room."

Although they had built a barrier, the distance between building 5 and 6 was just a few dozen meters. It was too close for comfort.

On one side were people starving, and on the other were a kid and a dog. Who wouldn't salivate at the sight?

Stray dogs had a strong sense of good and evil. Cooper, with his stern face, was tense.

Jasper re-examined the stairwell, electrifying all the stainless-steel doors downstairs.

As the refugees streamed into the neighboring area, not only did Eastwood Eden increase its patrols, but it also shortened the intervals between them. Most of their energy was focused on building 5.

Mark turned on the walkie-talkie. "Jasper, be extra careful in building 5. If you notice anything off, immediately inform us."

All the planters and sunshades had been moved indoors, and all rooms not only had privacy glass but also curtains.

Building 6 was right across the study, where Jasper sat, occasionally glancing at the other side as he read.

From morning till evening, each floor of the three buildings was crammed with people, probably no less than three thousand.

Five staff members, two police officers, ten security patrollers, and two trucks arrived with today's supplies.


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