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A Contract Marriage After a ONS novel Chapter 1621

"Grace, it's all my fault. I was wrong, but I can swear that I did nothing to Bella but hug her politely. I swear!"

Grace didn't want to listen to him. She shook her wrist, trying to get rid of him.

She wasn't interested in his past at all.

Charlie was so anxious that he leaned down and pressed his thin lips on hers.

She made him so frustrated. He couldn't sway her no matter what he did or said. He had no choice but to kiss her!

Unexpectedly, Andrew happened to walk in with Eaton in his arms.

Seeing what was going on, Andrew was angry.

He directly walked to Charlie, raised his leg, and kicked Charlie on the buttocks, cursing, "So you didn't take the lesson last time!"

As Andrew kicked Charlie, Grace also kneed Charlie in the groin.

Charlie fell onto the sofa.

"Shame on you! You wanted to force Grace while I was not here! You deserve to be

sterile!" Andrew was still swearing at him.

Charlie sat up. His handsome face was filled with pain, although he tried to suppress himself.

"But I guess you have to be disappointed. I have a son. Naturally, I'll have a grandson. Maybe you'll be the sterile one..."

Hearing this, Andrew lost his temper. He turned to look at Grace, saying, "Since you have a child with him, give me a child too! I want a child!"


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