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A Contract Marriage After a ONS novel Chapter 1622

Thinking of this, Bella immediately called Mckenzie and asked about the shares.

Mckenzie told the truth. The shares were given to Grace, Eaton, and her.

Bella was very disappointed, feeling as if her heart was wrapped in ice.

Sixty percent!

He gave sixty percent of the shares to Grace. Did he know what this meant?

Bella instantly took a taxi to the Morgan family’s villa.

Mckenzie pointed at the second floor. Bella nodded and went upstairs quietly.

Charlie had just come out of the bathroom with a bath towel casually around his waist. He was drying his hair, saying indifferently, "What are you doing here?"

"The board of directors is going to elect a new president," Bella said.

"Well, I know. My assistant called me," he said with a calm face.

"Why? Why did you give Ms. Livingston sixty percent of your shares? Do you know how unfair it is to yourself?"

Bella was emotional. "You didn’t... cheat on her. We dated after she asked to divorce you. Even if you want to give her your property, half of it is enough. Why did you give her sixty percent?"

"Are you questioning me?" Charlie raised his head.

Bella shook her head. Tears rolled uncontrollably in her eyes.


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