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A Contract Marriage After a ONS novel Chapter 1625

Grace didn't go out to eat. She cut some fruit and warmed a glass of milk. Andrew called her, asking her what she wanted to eat. He said he would buy food for her.

Once she heard this, Grace cheered up. She stirred her milk and answered that she wanted to eat noodles.

After hanging up the phone, she continued to work on her computer. As soon as she heard the sound of footsteps, she glanced over. Charlie was already gone.

Without caring much about it, Grace turned around. She had expected that he wouldn't hold Eaton for too long.

A few moments later, the sound of footsteps came from outside. Charlie walked in, carrying something in his hand. He stepped forward and handed it to Grace. "Here you are."

"What is it?" Grace casually changed her posture, looking at him indifferently.

"Noodles," Charlie said. "But I asked them to separate the ingredients, so you need to cook them."

Grace didn't take the bag, gazing sharply at him. She thought he was so abject for the sake of the shares. However, since he had anticipated what would happen, why did he pretend to be generous? How did it feel to shoot himself in the foot?

However, she didn't care about it. She took the bag with her slender fingers and went into the kitchen. After a while, she came out with a bowl of fragrant noodles.

There were also her favorite meat and vegetables in the bowl.

She thought, from the point of view of a man's self-esteem, it was hard for Charlie to ask her for those things. He would feel quite embarrassed.

She believed that he would say that subtly. She would wait and see.

While Grace was eating noodles, Charlie picked up Eaton. The child was well behaved, sleeping in Charlie's arms.

Grace and Charlie didn't talk to each other.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, it was raining heavily outside the window.

This year's weather was a bit strange.

Snow was rare. It rained more often.

In the meantime, Grace received another phone call. It was an invitation to a party, which started at eight o'clock in the evening. Grace had to attend it.


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