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A Contract Marriage After a ONS novel Chapter 1626

He clutched Grace's shoulder. His gaze was like a sharp arrow, piercing her eyes.

Grace didn't dodge. Charlie suddenly laughed sarcastically. He didn't stay any longer, turning to leave.

He did so many things, but she thought he was trying to worm his way into her confidence so that he could take the shares from her.

How could he not be sad?

Grace's eyes moved as she looked at his back. She held Eaton closer and watched him disappear...

Did she understand him?

She used to think she did. He loved her deeply and passionately. It seemed that they could be together forever. However, he cheated on her!

At that time, she thought she understood him best, but what happened then?

Charlie went to the bar. He felt terrible and wanted to drink.

Not long after he was there, his phone rang. Bella's mother was calling him. She said," Mr. Morgan, is Bella staying with you? It's so late and raining heavily, but she hasn't come home yet."


He replied indifferently.

"Then can you help me find her? She came back at noon, told me that she was going to help you do something, and then went out.

She hasn't returned until now."

As Charlie heard this, his eyebrows moved. He nodded.

Then he called his assistant and asked him to investigate the whereabouts of Bella.


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