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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 88

After she settled on the sofa and the TV was on, Charles went into the kitchen to make some food. She didn’t expect that Charles knew how to cook, but apparently, he had learned a lot over the past week when she had been gone. The noodles he prepared weren’t bad, or was she just so hungry that she didn’t notice?

Sarah ate silently. Noticing that she served herself seconds, Charles smiled. He looked at her and said in a soft tone. “You were really hungry. How does it taste?”

Thinking about how he had cooked for her and was serving her in every way, Sarah couldn’t stay silent anymore. “Not too bad. You cook better than a ten-year-old.” She said ambiguously.

Charles nearly laughed out loud. “You’re so cruel. I spent a long time learning. Can’t you praise me once?”

Sarah leaned against the sofa lazily without saying a word.

Charles suddenly grasped her hands tightly and said, “Sarah, now that you ate, I ask you with all sincerity, forgive me, please?”

Sarah’s eyelids flickered. Perhaps she didn’t have a good rest last night, or she was too exhausted from this morning and hadn’t recovered her strength yet. Feeling dizzy, she looked at him before she closed her eyes to take a nap.

Charles thought that she was still hesitating to forgive him, and hurriedly sat down beside her. He held her shoulder and spoke with a pleading voice. “Is there anything else that you are still not satisfied with? What should I do for you to forgive me?”

“I’m tired!” Was all Sarah managed to say?

“Tired? Come rest in my arms.” Charles heaved a sigh and pulled her into his arms.

Sarah also sighed. Both her body and heart were tired. There were times when she really hated Charles because he was so indifferent and ruthless. He hurt her easily as if he was stabbing her with a knife in her chest. But when he was gentle, like now, how can she refuse him?

She was exhausted and just wanted to rest.


It was Monday, the streets were almost empty since most people were working. Sarah was wandering aimlessly around the streets. Taking subways, getting off on random stops, she entered a shopping mall and walked around looking at some clothes. Since a new season had just started and now many new styles had come in, there were big sales everywhere with out of season clothes.


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