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A Contract Marriage With My Boss novel Chapter 89

Living alone was lonely but free. She could go wherever she wanted, and no one was there to stop her. Getting back to that lifestyle would be easy.

Sarah sighed and was about to fall asleep when she suddenly heard a noise coming from the next door and then a child's voice. A little boy shouted, “Mom, Mom, wait for me, don’t close the door yet!”

A woman answered. “Hey, Lucas, slow down, I am waiting for you. Don’t run, this stair is too steep!”

The little boy laughed and seemed to have reached the top of the stairs. Chatting, they carry their belongings into the house.

Because Sarah’s home was so quiet, she heard every action clearly. The woman's voice was familiar. After thinking for a moment, she suddenly jumped up and wondered if that was Carrie's voice. She quickly put on her shoes and opened the door.

The woman was about to close her door when Sarah opened her door and shouted, “Carrie, Carrie, is it you? Did you come back?”

Hearing someone calling her name, the woman quickly opened her door again and looked around. Her hair was short, she looked like she was in her mid-thirties. Her round face seemed very kind and easy to get along with. She was surprised to see Sarah and quickly walked out, “Alas, Sarah? It is really you. Didn't you move out? Why are you here again?”

Sarah was pleased to see Carrie and smiled, “This is still my home, I just rented it to someone else before, that's why I didn't come here before.”

“No wonder, I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I always see strangers coming and going in your house. I thought you had sold it after getting married.”

“Where should I sell it? I still have my sister. I will keep it as a dowry for her in the future.”

Carrie nodded. “That's true, your sister. It’s so nice of you. Your sister is so lucky to have you. You didn't have it easy, but you always treat her so well, even better than a mother.”

Sarah smiled, shaking her head in denial. “My parents died early on, so of course, I need to take care of her being the oldest sister. I haven’t seen you since you got married around five or six years. You have changed a lot, I may not have recognized you on the street.”

Carrie laughed. “I changed? I just got older and uglier. But you look more active and beautiful than ever. You used to be pretty and sexy and captivated several young boys' heart's in the community. Alas, a good marriage makes all the difference. Unlike me, the reason why I didn’t come back all these years is that I followed my husband and his business.


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