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A Warrior Undefeatable novel Chapter 1585

The black sphere of light instantly shattered into shimmering bits before fading into nothingness.

Tigris stared at it as his eyes were alight with fury.

The black sphere of light was now destroyed in addition to the scepter.

The trump cards in his hand were reducing by the minute.

The same could be said for Jared, as the spiritual energy in his body was almost completely depleted.

He couldn't replenish his spiritual energy efficiently when faced with such rapid drainage. The two were currently at a stalemate as they glared at one another apprehensively. Neither one of them was willing to initiate the first move.

The determining factor of their success hinged on having the support of aides.

"Oh, honorable Master of my deity, I beseech you to grant me strength..."

Tigris kneeled before the stone sculpture once more and pleaded for strength.

However, the stone sculpture remained inert, much to his despair.

Jared desperately deployed the Focus Technique and strived to absorb the spiritual energy around him. Unfortunately, the remaining spiritual energy on the island was no longer as bountiful as before. In addition, Jared's rapid absorption had vastly drained its reserves.

It seemed that the condensed spiritual energy on Encanta Island was caused by Tigris instead of being a natural occurrence.

The two were in an extremely awkward position as they eyed one another unsurely.

Tigris was so fixated on glaring at Jared that he'd forgotten about Norm, who'd discreetly escaped and was running away from the forbidden ground as though his life depended on it.

He was on his way to search for aides. As long as Jared had them with him, he would undeniably win.

Since there weren't many individuals with skilled martial prowess on the island, he targeted Flaxseed and Colin.

Norm ordered a search party to locate Flaxseed and Colin. They were found swiftly, as both men had remained on the island out of concern for Jared's safety.


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