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A Warrior Undefeatable novel Chapter 1586

Tigris deliberated for a moment, perhaps to show his sincerity, before admitting, "I supposed there's no harm in you knowing. This sculpture of a deity behind me is my master, a blood demon. I'm simply a mere pet of his. We of the blood demon tribe lost during the Celestial Battle a millennium ago. My master sealed himself and assigned me to guard him while awaiting the day of his reawakening.

"He helped transform me into a human but turned to stone before my transformation was complete. I've remained by my master's side steadfastly for all these years and have utilized the faith energy of the believers to resurrect him. Hopefully, in a few hundred years, my master will awaken. When the time comes..."

Tigris eyes glinted as he paused mid-sentence.

"Did that incident mark the beginning of the depletion of spiritual energy?" Jared continued asking.

"Indeed. After the Celestial Battle, the heavenly law was broken, and destruction was wrecked on all beings. The entire world descended into a cycle of chaos! Ever since then, spiritual energy began dwindling, and the realm was never the same again. I've answered your questions. Will you leave now?" Tigris leveled his gaze at Jared.

"Leave?" Jared scoffed. "Do you think I'd sit idly by and lay witness to you exploiting the residents of Encanta Island to resurrect your master? The day your master awakens will be mankind's apocalypse!"

"You..." Tigris was enraged when he realized Jared had been toying with him all along. "The common folk mean nothing to us. As a practitioner of spiritual energy cultivation, how could you pity such rabble?"

"Rabble?" Jared frowned. "Says the one who is but a tiger demon himself."

Jared leaped into the air, and his fists took on a bright golden hue.

He instantly went on the offensive after regaining some of his spiritual energy.

"You're courting death!" Tigris roared ferociously at the knowledge that he'd been playing into Jared's hands.

Tigris waved his hands in the air, and a much smaller black sphere of light than his previous one began to materialize.

Jared flung his gleaming golden fist directly at the black sphere of light.

The black sphere of light exploded with a deafening boom, and the force of it threw Jared back.

Tigris was not in a much better state as his body began spasming as if struck by lightning.


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