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A Touch of Sweetness novel (Finnick and Vivian) novel Chapter 637

Tears welled up in Vivian's eyes and her voice began to break. She could never forget the feeling of being falsely accused with no one to believe her. It had traumatized her for life.

"Therefore, I wanted Evelyn to know how it felt like not to be believed by others," Vivian explained with a hateful tone. "I wanted Finnick and my adopted mom, people who didn't believe me then to not believe her now. I want them to feel utterly disappointed with her and I want Evelyn ruined!"

Just as she spoke, Vivian could feel the rush of revenge fill her soul.

Does Evelyn still think I'm the same person that was easily manipulated by her years ago? Despite her hatred for Evelyn, Vivian was still cordial every time they met. What does she think I'm doing this for?

By getting close to Evelyn, she could set a trap for her. Just like how Evelyn sabotaged her in the past. Does Evelyn think that only she knows how to play this game? As of now, I do too!

Despite Vivian's overflowing hatred, Hunter wasn't disgusted nor frightened by it. Instead, all he felt was sympathy for her.

After spending so much time with her, he figured he had finally got to know her. Despite her indifferent attitude toward him, he understood that she was gentle at heart and still harbored feelings for Finnick. It was obvious from the moment she risked her life to save Finnick at the cruise ship.

What did Evelyn do to her to fill her with so much hatred? To the extent she would go against her own gentle nature just to ruin Evelyn?How deeply was she hurt then?

"Vivian,” Hunter asked in earnest, "why are you

telling me all this? Aren't you worried that I tell Evelyn?"

"Didn't you say that you're on my side?" Vivian replied with equal resolve. "I didn't believe you before this. But now, I do."


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