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A Touch of Sweetness novel (Finnick and Vivian) novel Chapter 638

Huh? Vivian was confused. What does he mean?

Hunter found her puzzled look extremely adorable. The next moment, a sense of pity couldn't help but swell within him.

Holding her hand, he stared into her eyes and gently suggested, "Vivian, I understand you're doing this just to protect yourself and Larry. I promise that going forward, I will make sure both of you are safe. Also, you have to promise me not to do anything this dangerous, alright?"

Not knowing what to say in response, Vivian pulled her hand away and lowered her head. After realizing that Hunter's feelings for her were true, she became unsure of how to face each other going forward.

"Hunter, thank you for the concern you have shown for me and Larry. But, you have to know that I only see you as a friend." Vivian wanted to make her stance clear to Hunter as she hated ambiguity in relationships, just like how Finnick and Evelyn used to be.

Furthermore, she had no feelings for him. Hence, she didn't want him to waste his time and energy. Besides, she was already having trouble trying to repay her debt of gratitude to him.

"Just treat me as a friend then." Despite the stinging pain in his heart, Hunter maintained his gentle expression.

"Vivian, I'm not expecting anything from all that I have done for you. After all, liking you isn't something I can control. If my feelings for you are unnerving you, I would like to apologize. But, I hope you won't keep your distance just because of that."

Vivian was at a loss when she heard Hunter's words. After all, she didn't have much experience in relationships and naturally wasn't good at rejecting someone she had no feelings for.

If not for what happened today, she would have outright rejected him. However, after he had saved her life, she couldn't bring herself to do something as cruel as that.

Furthermore, after getting to know him better, she was aware that Hunter was an egoistic person. Hence, she couldn't deny that she was moved by his words and the fact that he apologized for having feelings for her.

"No, I won't." Vivian shook her head. "Hunter, regardless of what happens, thank you. Now that you're still injured, you should get some rest. Let's not talk about this anymore, alright? We will come back to it when you've recovered.”

"Alright, we talk again when I'm discharged." Hunter nodded.


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