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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 627

While walking, Natasha suddenly dropped her hold on Kenneth's arm. Her hands fell to her sides and balled into fists as she tried her best to endure the agony battering her.

Kenneth was just about to say something when he noticed that she had stopped walking. He glanced back over his shoulder. “What's wrong?”

Natasha said nothing but merely stood there ramrod straight as though fighting against the pain within her.

“Nat...” Kenneth stared at her. Seemingly having perceived something, he promptly turned anxious.

Still, Natasha remained silent. Her slender hands were clenched so tightly that they had turned white. She spared no effort in weathering through the excruciating pain, but it assailed her in waves, each time more intense than the last. In the end, she snapped and dropped into a crouch while cradling her head with both hands.

“Nat!” Kenneth swiftly rushed forward and supported her. Such distress inundated him to see her in horrible agony that he blanched.

“Ahh!” Natasha had already gone all out to hold herself back, but ultimately, she let out a low roar.

Panicking, Kenneth stepped forward and scooped her up without a second's delay. “I'll bring you to Spencer right away, Nat!”

No sooner had he done so than Natasha shook her head. “No!”

Kenneth regarded her with a mystified look in his eyes.

“D-Denise is still in the car. W-We can't have her know about this,” Natasha stuttered. Her entire person was trembling from the pain, but even so, she was still enduring it, trying to mask her suffering.

Kenneth's heart clenched tighter the more she tried to act nonchalant.

His eyes that were pinned on her gradually turned scarlet. “You won't be able to hold out if this goes on, Nat.”

“I... I'm fine. I'll be just fine in a while.” Alas, a heartbeat after Natasha's words had fallen, her face contorted even further.

“Ahh!” With a low howl, she cradled her head in both hands as unbearable pain assailed her.

No longer in the mood to bother about anything else, Kenneth scooped her up to take her away. “I'll hail a taxi and bring you back!”

Natasha wanted to argue further, but wave after wave of agony hit her as though someone was hitting her head with a massive hammer. She felt like her head would explode anytime.

“Kenneth! Kenneth!” She clutched at his collar, desiring to say something. The words were at the tip of her tongue, but she trembled so much that she couldn't speak. All she could do was put all her strength into enduring the racking pain.

Kenneth knew there was something she wanted to say to him, but he didn't dare stop walking.

He continued striding forward, but strangely enough, no vehicles drove by the roadside.

As he waited for a taxi, every single second felt like an eternity.

In fact, the urge to hijack a car seized him when he gazed at the woman in her arms.

Putting Natasha down, he was just about to leave to get a car when she grabbed him. “Kenneth...”

“Wait for me, Nat! I'll go and look for a taxi!” Kenneth vowed.

However, Natasha tightened her grip on his collar, showing no signs of letting go.

The pedestrians walking past glanced at the couple on the ground every so often, but no one came forward to inquire whether they needed help.

“Nat...” Clocking Natasha's utter agony, Kenneth knew that she was enduring unspeakable pain every passing second.

“K-Knock me out!” Natasha pleaded with much difficulty.

Kenneth gaped at her, his pupils dilating significantly. How could I do that?

“Q-Quick! I'm almost at my limits!” Natasha stammered. Her face had already gone pallid, and a layer of sweat dotted her forehead. On the whole, she appeared frightfully pale.

Training his eyes on her, Kenneth clenched his hands tightly. How could I bring myself to do that?

Meanwhile, Natasha teetered on the brink of a breakdown. Snapping, she roared aloud and even yanked at her hair with both hands.

At that moment, Boss' warning flashed through Kenneth's mind. He said that if it weren't stopped, Natasha would only experience greater agony each time, and she might even maim herself.

Following that thought, he no longer hesitated but brought his hand down on the back of her neck, knocking her out cold.

At the sight of her collapsing into his arm, his emotions became a jumbled mess.

He reached out and pulled her close, his ebony eyes so dark that they resembled pools of invisible hell, unsettlingly eerie.

I'll definitely kill you with my own hands, Boss!

Meanwhile, as Denise waited in the car with Dave, she glimpsed a dessert shop by the roadside.

When Dave noticed how her eyes had lit up, he immediately brought her over.

The two of them waited while eating in the shop. There was a floor-to-ceiling window that offered them a view of the car. If Kenneth and Natasha returned, they would also be able to see them with a single glance.


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