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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 628

Hearing that, Dave followed Denise's gaze, only to see Kenneth walking back with Natasha in his arms. His intuition screamed that something awful might have happened.

“Let's go, Denise,” he urged in a solemn voice.

Denise nodded. No longer in the mood to bother about anything else, they both rushed out at once.


Just when Kenneth arrived at the car, Dave's voice rang out behind him.

He turned, upon which Denise promptly launched herself at him. “What's wrong with Nat, Daddy?”

Taking in their worried expressions, Kenneth stole a peek at Denise at the side. Even when Natasha was teetering on the verge of a breakdown, she was still afraid Denise would learn about her condition. As such, what can I say right now?

Thus, he kept a leash on his emotions as well. “She's fine. It was just low blood sugar.”

Low blood sugar?

It went without saying that Dave knew it couldn't possibly be the case. But then, he could roughly surmise what had happened.

At the side, Denise's brows furrowed as she looked on.

Nonetheless, she didn't say anything further, and it was uncertain whether she believed Kenneth's words or not.

“Come, let's go home!” Kenneth stated.

Dave nodded. Subsequently, they all got into the car together.

Throughout the drive, Denise kept silent. Her gaze remained fixated on Natasha, brimming with worry.

Kenneth said nothing either, his emotions a jumbled mess at that instant.

The car sped along the road for more than half an hour before it finally drove into the castle.

No sooner had the car come to a stop than Natasha awakened.

“Nat!” Denise immediately cried out upon seeing that.

Likewise, Kenneth and Dave promptly swung their gazes at Natasha.

By then, Natasha's complexion had slightly improved. Glimpsing Denise's anxious expression, she flashed her a smile. “What's wrong?”

“What's wrong with you, Nat?” Denise's voice was tinged with tears, making it evident that she didn't believe Kenneth when he claimed that it was merely low blood sugar.

The smile remained on Natasha's face. “I'm fine, just a bit tired.”

“But... But...” Denise regarded her skeptically.

In the face of her disbelief, Natasha forced herself to sit up. “Look, am I not fine?”

While they were driving back in the car, Denise had already checked her mother all over and ascertained that there were no injuries. But it was precisely the lack of injuries that had her increasingly worried.

Furthermore, she was no fool. Judging from Kenneth's expression, it couldn't have been a simple case of low blood sugar.

“All right, I'm really fine,” Natasha asserted.

Right then, Denise glanced at Kenneth. “You don't need to lie to me, Nat. Daddy's expression says it all.”

Upon hearing that, Natasha looked at Kenneth as well. He was obviously tense, and his expression was indeed as grim as ever.

Frowning, she maintained, “He panicked even when I donated blood, so it's only natural that he'll react that way now that I've passed out.”

In truth, it did make sense though it seemed to be a stretch.

Still, Denise said nothing.

Natasha proceeded to turn her gaze to Kenneth. “I'm going to get mad if you continue scaring them like this, Kenneth!”

She was pretty serious when she said that, so Kenneth put his emotions away and played along with her. “Got it. I won't do it anymore.”

Smiling faintly, Natasha turned back to Denise. “Well? Are you convinced now?”

At that, Denise bobbed her head.

“Okay, don't worry about me anymore,” Natasha coaxed.

“I'm not worried anymore, Nat. Have a good rest,” Denise echoed.


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