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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 633

Anticipating what she was going to say, Anthony sat upright. “I like girls. Don't worry, Nat. I'm perfectly normal!”

Benjamin was speechless. Who is he insulting?

Natasha blinked, her long lashes fluttering charmingly. She swept her gaze over him and asked, “Do you think I'm worried about that? I want you to know that boys shouldn't do what they want just because they are good-looking. It is more attractive to be loyal than to be fickle-hearted.”

Hearing that, Anthony furrowed his brows. “Nat, Benjamin is good-looking too. Why didn't you tell him that?”

“Benjamin is level-headed, just like me. Naturally, he won't fool around,” Natasha explained.

“Are you saying I will do that as I resemble Daddy?” Anthony asked.

Natasha nodded in all seriousness. “From your looks, yes.”

“I—” Anthony was about to defend himself when Natasha added, “However, it's mostly your daddy's fault. He gives off that vibe and implicated you. If you have that flaw, change it. If you don't, keep it in mind!”

Anthony rolled his eyes. “I'm innocent!”

Natasha shook her head. “You're not, though! You didn't choose well. I have great genes, but you chose to resemble your father. If you resembled me just like Benjamin, no one would misunderstand you.”

Anthony protested, “Nat, you're being biased!”

“Biased?” Natasha asked. She then turned to look at Benjamin.

Benjamin shook his head profusely to indicate that his answer was a resolute no.

Anthony was speechless. Look at them. They are trying to say that I'll grow up to be fickle-hearted with my looks, right?

With that thought in mind, Anthony said, “Nat, in that case, if Daddy is fickle-hearted, then why did you end up with him? Aren't you just shooting yourself in the foot?”

Hearing that, Natasha replied, “Yes, it was a lesson well learned. I'm now divorced, no?”

Anthony was at a loss for words. I can't believe she's mocking herself just to “educate” me.

Refusing to give up, Anthony argued, “If you've learned your lesson, why did you get back together with Daddy? Do you want to shoot yourself in the foot again?”

Hearing that, Natasha glanced at him. “Says who? I shot myself in the foot previously, but now, I'm doing it to others. I'm only dating your daddy without any intention of marrying him. If he cheats on me, I can find another man anytime—”

Before she could finish, the door was pushed open to reveal Kenneth.

The man came in, holding something in his arms. Natasha froze at the sight of him.

His face devoid of expression, Kenneth walked into the room and came to a stop in front of her.

Natasha gazed at him wordlessly. She couldn't help but wonder if he had overheard what she told the kids earlier.

Anthony and Benjamin were watching their parents' interaction aside quietly. When they noticed Natasha's expression, they couldn't stop themselves from bursting into giggles.

Natasha glared at the boys before turning to Kenneth. “You... When did you come?” she questioned carefully.

“I just arrived,” came the man's answer.

“Uh, did you hear anything?” Natasha probed worriedly.

Kenneth placed the herbal concoction to aid her recovery next to her bed. His face was almost austere, his dark eyes as intense as ever. “What?”

Seeing his reaction, Natasha relaxed slightly. She offered him a smile and told him, “It's nothing.”

“What did you chat about?” asked Kenneth as he turned to look at Anthony and Benjamin.

Anthony was about to reply when Natasha cut in, “Oh, it's nothing. According to Anthony, your looks suggest that you're unreliable. He wants to know why I got back together with you.”

Anthony gaped incredulously. How could she say that? Nat, where is your integrity?

Thus, Kenneth's gaze swept over them before landing on Anthony.

“I...” Anthony didn't know where to begin his explanation. After a while, he gulped and asked, “Daddy, will you believe me if I say I didn't mean it that way?”

“What do you think?” Kenneth threw the question back at him.


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