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Adorable Kids Asking for Bear Hug novel Chapter 634

Kenneth's tall figure blocked her route of escape, so Natasha had nowhere to go.

She glanced around before turning to Kenneth to say, “Will you believe me if I say I didn't mean it that way?” She was copying Anthony's tone earlier.

“What do you think?” Kenneth's intense and dangerous gaze bored into her.

Natasha blinked twice. “If I were you, I'd believe my words. You know me well. I'm too lazy to find another boyfriend.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course. If I weren't lazy, the kids might have had a stepfather by now. You wouldn't even have had the chance to reunite with them,” Natasha retorted.

Kenneth narrowed his gaze. “But your words implied that you would find a stepfather for them anytime.”

Hearing that, Natasha burst out laughing. “Since you overheard everything, why did you pretend not to hear anything?”

Instead of answering her question, Kenneth inched nearer to her. “What do you think?”

Sensing his invading breath, Natasha made a move to get up. “I need to go to the bathroom. We shall talk later.”

The moment she stood up, Kenneth moved and grabbed her arm, causing her to fall onto the bed.

Natasha's long hair was splayed on the bed as she stared at Kenneth in shock.

Kenneth glanced at her with a strange smile playing on his lips. “Nat, you've learned how to run away, huh?”

“If I don't run away, I'll get pinned underneath you!” Natasha snapped.

“Don't you like it?” Kenneth asked.

Natasha told him, “I prefer being on top.” Something glinted in her eyes as she said that.

Suddenly, Kenneth's lips curled into a grin. He rolled over and changed their positions so that Natasha straddled him.

After changing positions, the situation turned more amorous. They could sense the change in a certain spot.

Natasha didn't say anything, but her cheeks turned pink swiftly when she sensed the change beneath her.

Kenneth's scorching gaze could burn a hole in her body. “Are you satisfied with it?”

Natasha raised her brow. “How would I know if I don't try it out?”

Kenneth narrowed his eyes. He meant it as a joke, but Natasha's reply caused his eyes to turn a shade darker. The unveiled desire lurking in his eyes showed how much he wanted her. He could feel the heat between his legs spreading.

He was deep in thought when Natasha suddenly bent down to kiss his lips.

Kenneth was visibly stunned. After he guided her a few times, Natasha wasn't that inexperienced in kissing anymore. She was able to control the flow now, like an enchanting witch who could make men fall at her feet.

Closing his eyes, Kenneth lost himself in her passionate kiss. However, he preferred being in control in such situations. When Natasha was out of breath, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply.

Outside the room, the kids eavesdropped on their conversation until there was silence.

Anthony and Benjamin instantly realized what was going on inside.

After all, silence spoke volumes.

Denise's body was still pressed to the door. Frowning, she whispered, “Why is it all quiet now?”

Hearing that, Anthony and Benjamin parted their lips to explain, “Perhaps Nat got tired and went to bed.”

“Then why isn't Daddy saying anything?” Denise inquired.


The boys shared a look, wondering how they should explain it to her.

“Forget it. I will go in and see for myself.” With that, Denise was about to open the door.

Without hesitation, Anthony stopped her from entering the room while Benjamin covered her eyes.

Before she could even open the door, they dragged her away and said, “Oh, Nat wants to have a secret conversation with Daddy, so let her be. Let's go find Thalia. She's a patient that needs our concern.”

They only released her after moving a distance away from Natasha's room.

Denise glared at them and rolled her eyes. As she smoothened her hair and straightened her clothes, she remarked, “Tony, Ben, do you have to make it so obvious?”

Anthony and Benjamin were surprised.


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