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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 635

"Okay, I'll wait." Jenna promised. "I promise to send your family abroad for medical treatment as long as you reveal the evidence of Zoella framing the Richards Group and expose her. This is the condition, which is mutually beneficial."

Jenna walked away without another word. She turned back after a few steps and reminded her. "I would advise you to consider carefully. I will not force you and you are welcome to approach me anytime when you are ready. I think you can differentiate right from wrong."

Jenna and Lomen walked away calmly.

Octavia sat in the room in a stunned state for a long time.

Zoella fed her family chronic poison in an attempt to control her. It was so evil, she thought. She had been nothing but loyal since the beginning and trusted her wholeheartedly. She never thought of betraying her. If it was true that she was poisoning her family. This woman was indeed too vicious and cold-hearted. She was not worthy of her trust then.

She clenched her fists.

Octavia planned to take her mother and brother to the hospital for a check-up before deciding what to do.

"Madam, do you think Octavia would testify against Zoella?" Lomen asked with uncertainty in the Richards family's luxurious car, "Will she believe what you said?"

Jenna frowned and remained silent.

"Madam, I think it would be better to kidnap Ziyon and use him to threaten her instead." Lomen was somewhat puzzled about Jenna's move.

"No. We are no different from Zoella if we do that. Besides, kidnapping is against the law. We absolutely can't do that." Jenna looked out of the window. She thought about Hansen's current situation and felt a twinge of pain in her heart.

They have to find evidence of Zoella framing the company for the charges to be lifted. Only then, Hansen's name could be cleared.

She was counting on Octavia.

She had finally found a lead after following Octavia for so long. She never believed that Zoella would treat her with true sincerity because Octavia knew too much about her history. Zoella had always been a skeptical person and wouldn't let her off easily. As long as Octavia was able to think rationally, Jenna was certain that she'd come back to find her.

"Lomen, Octavia was born into a poor family. She was educated to a certain extent and her conscience was still alive. She would not betray Zoella easily since she was the one who chose her. What we are doing now is to give her a little nudge, so that she would realize what a nasty woman Zoella is," Jenna explained thoughtfully.

Lomen sighed and nodded.

"Lomen, how long will it take for the report of the will verification?" Jenna asked after thinking for a while.

"It usually takes fifteen to thirty days to get the results of the handwriting identification. However, we have connections within the authoritative department we sent our will to. At the very least, it'd still take around a couple of weeks." Lomen's voice was low.

Jenna kept silent.

The car headed towards the gate of Richards Manor.

Meanwhile, in Trevor's study.

Trevor was pacing back and forth in the room. The wrinkles on his forehead deepened from the stress, and his eyes revealed his tiredness.

When Jenna and Lomen walked in, he had just ended a phone call.

"Dad." "Mr. Trevor." The two of them greeted


"Jenna, you're here." Trevor smiled amiably when he saw Jenna.

"Dad, do you have news of Hansen? Do you know where he's being locked up?" Jenna asked anxiously.

Trevor smiled faintly. "Don't worry, he'll be fine."

"Dad, he's the president of the Richards Group and The Richards Group needs him now. He's the foundation of Richards Manor, as well as Jerry's father. No matter what, he needs to be released as soon as possible. Otherwise, the damage on the Richards Group will be insurmountable." Jenna's mood was grave.

"We will need evidence to prove his innocence if we want to bail him out now. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law," Trevor answered.

Jenna sat down on the chair, feeling a little tired.

"Lomen, did you find anything about Liya today?" Trevor turned his head to Lomen.

Lomen shook his head and reported, "Mr. Trevor, this woman has been sleeping at home during the day. She didn't go out. In fact, there is no point in following her now as she's now Oscar's mistress, and she despised Zoella. It is impossible for them to collude with each other. Even if we could get anything from her, the evidence wouldn't be strong enough for a bailout. You would have found evidence from her earlier on otherwise."

Trevor nodded. Liya had altered the will secretly, which ended up setting a trap for herself. It was enough of a crime for her to be locked up in jail.

"Dad, how is the situation in Capital City going?" Jenna was uneasy. Hansen and Luqman cooperated with each other. What was important was whether or not they could finally expose Yadriel.

Trevor smiled faintly and replied, "Don't worry. Yadriel had set this up to frame Hansen precisely because there was progress in the matter in Capital City."

Jenna felt enlightened upon hearing this!

There were two leads. Firstly, Zoella framed the Richards Group, and secondly, Yadriel was contesting in the election. It appeared as if there was no link between the two events, but they were in fact connected. Jenna was very certain about this. Otherwise, Hansen would not have paid so much attention to Capital City and personally cooperated with Luqman.

"Jenna, don't worry. I believe that everything will come to light. It won't be long before that." Trevor consoled her confidently. "The most important thing right now is the child you are carrying. You have to take care of yourself well."

"Dad, don't worry. I will." Jenna smiled and comforted him.

"Alright." Trevor nodded with satisfaction. "You should have a good rest."

"Okay." Jenna bade goodbye.

At the study's window, Trevor watched as Jenna's figure gradually disappeared into the distance as he let out a deep sigh.


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