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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 636

Jenna turned her face. There was not a trace of emotion in her eyes. She asked curiously, "Mr. Xanthe, what did you say? What ocean?"

Sergio analyzed her expression carefully. "Jenna, the Ocean Heart is a rare treasure. Many older people have seen it and wanted to own it. That year, the auction attracted huge attention but it was taken off the auction at the last minute's notice. It simply vanished after that. There was a rumor that Madam Lilian had sent it to Richards Manor. Do you know about it?"

Sergio's voice was soft like a dream but he was indeed talking to Jenna about the Ocean Heart.

Jenna clenched her fists and she smiled patronisingly. "So, that's how it is. You came to Richards Manor because of rumors of a rare jewel? I have been wondering why you would move into our home when we have no business with you. I now know it is because of the treasure. Mr. Xanthe, you are indeed morally noble, to be abusing your power for your own convenience."

Sergio's face blushed slightly as Jenna replied sarcastically. He was curious about the jewelry solely because Yadriel desired it. He wasn't personally interested in it but he couldn't explain himself. So, he replied with a snicker.

"Jenna, I am only doing this for your own good. As the head of the family, I am sure that you are aware a treasure as valuable as this would only bring trouble to the family instead of glory. It might very well end in bloodbath. I am only telling you this to serve as a friendly reminder. Hand the jewelry over if you know where it is in exchange for the safety of Richards Manor. If you do not know where it is, then I would advise you to leave this place for your own safety. Do you understand?" Sergio sounded very sincere. He did not want Jenna to be involved or get hurt because of the treasure.

Jenna looked at him and smiled suddenly. Her teeth were white and her eyes were bright.

"Mr. Xanthe, you must be joking. Let's not mention if the Richards family actually owns the jewelry. Even if they do, why in the world will I be informed of its existence? I'm just the daughter-in-law of the Richards family. You have a really wild imagination. You've stayed in Richards Manor for quite some time now. Have you ever heard of it? This is such a baseless rumor. You are an official with a governmental title. It's ridiculous that you are making such claims and insisted on me handing over some priceless gem off the books.

Are you now in charge of private assets too?" Jenna felt absurd with the things Sergio had said.

Sergio looked at her and sighed. "Jenna, you really don't get it. I am only doing this to keep you safe. You will understand what I meant today in the future if you insist on being stubborn."

"What do you want exactly, Mr. Xanthe? The way you are saying it seems like you already know where the jewelry is. Then, why bother asking me? Go and get it yourself. I am going to be frank with you. I have never heard of anything as such and I am not interested in the piece at all. I am sorry but I have to make a move as I still have errands to run." Jenna's tone was frigid and unsympathetic. Then, she walked towards the corridor.

"Jenna, I heard that Vivian had handed this treasure on to you." Sergio's words were like a needle piercing straight into Jenna's heart from the back. It was so painful that blood drained from her face. Fortunately, she had her back towards him. Otherwise, he would have noticed her change in expression. Her entire back stiffened from his words.

Not a single person in Richards Manor knew about this. Even Hansen didn't know until she had personally told him. How did Sergio find out?

The most difficult task in the world was to guard against people with ill intentions!

Jenna was in a daze. She finally realized that things were not as simple as she thought. It seemed that many people were coveting this treasure. Now, they are all waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of the chaotic situation in Richards Group's to steal the treasure.

The scariest thing in the world was insatiable greed!

"Mr. Xanthe, you're really well-informed. However, I've neither seen nor heard of the jewelry you're talking about. I don't know where you got your news from. What do you actually intend to achieve with the knowledge of my possessions?" Jenna turned her head and her eyes were frosty.

"Jenna, you misunderstood me." Sergio smiled and added, "I am just saying that it won't do any good to you if you decide to keep it. I just want to remind you of that."

Jenna frowned.

"Thank you for the reminder. But I really don't know about the jewelry you are talking about and have never seen it before. Some people are so greedy that they came out with all sorts of ideas and spread rumors about me. That's their ignorance. Goodbye."

"Jenna, please reconsider my words. What I said was definitely for your own good." Sergio looked at her from the back and warned her again with a stern voice.

Jenna's heart was thumping wildly but she tried her best to hold it in and walked away with determined strides.

As soon as she returned to the guest room, she threw herself onto the bed.

"Hansen, I am so tired. Please come back soon." Jenna buried her face in the quilt and muttered to herself. If Sergio's real intention was the Ocean Heart then Richards Manor might really encounter a bloodbath. Judging from his tone, he was not the only one who had their eyes set on the treasure.

Jenna felt scared as she thought about it. She was even more fearful of the possibility of her failure to protect the treasure.

"What should I do?" She held the sheet tightly and burst into tears.

Liya slept so deeply this time! When she woke up, it was already dark outside.

She washed up and realized she was starving. She hadn't eaten anything all day.

Meal hours had already passed in Richards Manor.

"What should I do? Obviously I can't order takeouts." Liya thought to herself.

Richards Manor was surrounded by huge pieces of untouched land. Commercial businesses were prohibited in the area. It would take a lot of time and effort for the food to be delivered.

Oscar had returned to C City for a few days. So, it's impossible to count on him. Moreover, she was feeling tired and did not want to go out to eat.

She took her slippers and walked out. She headed towards the kitchen of the Ink Garden to see if she could find something to eat.


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