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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 642

Meanwhile, in the five-star hotel.

With an evasive smile, Hansen walked to the couch and sat down.

"Jaqueline, did Grandpa Johan call you here, or did you come by yourself?" After he sat down, Hansen asked her straightforwardly.

Jaqueline's face was a little bitter. She was a famous young lady in Capital City, and many people wanted to have dinner with her. Yet, Hansen didn't seem to appreciate it. Of course, she didn't care.

That year, at the ball held by Johan, all the celebrities in Capital City gathered. Johan took her to meet a lot of political leaders. Jaqueline was adored, and everyone's attention was on her. Everyone was complimenting her.

Johan laughed heartily as Jaqueline followed behind him. Her smile was bright and charming.

Jaqueline stood on the stage and looked down. She immediately noticed Hansen standing leisurely with a smile on his face among all the young handsome men. Like the other men who would turn to look at her with admiration when they heard everyone praising her, Hansen also glanced at her. Nonetheless, there was only a hint of praise, but not a look of worship like other men's. At that time, she remembered his eyes.

That was all!

"What if I said that I came here on my own?" Jaqueline asked with soft laughter as she lifted her dress with her hands and sat down across from Hansen.

Hansen smiled. "Thank you for coming to see me, but it's not a good time to visit me at this time. How about this? You should go back first, and when I'm done with my matters, I'll treat you to Western food. What do you think?"

Jaqueline smiled and answered, "Hansen, I secretly learnt that you were staying here from my grandfather. Since you didn't visit me even when you came to Capital City, I came to look for you. Well, since you're here in Capital City, I should treat you to a meal. Jenna is not here. Hence, that's why you dare not to eat with a woman, right?"

After that, she pursed her lips and stood up with a smile. Jaqueline was wearing a long skirt, and looked noble and graceful. She came from a noble family and was influenced by Johan since she was a child. Johan was very fond of her and nurtured her a lot. Therefore, the temperament she exuded was by no means something an ordinary woman could have.

Hansen smiled helplessly!

"You think too much. I'm just worried about your safety. Do you know why your grandfather arranged for me to be here?" Hansen smiled and raised his eyebrows as he asked.

"Even though I don't know, I know Grandpa will definitely ensure the safety of this place. As such, you can be rest assured and have dinner with me." Jaqueline was indeed clever. She tilted her head and looked at Hansen. "Furthermore, I just returned from Richards Manor today, and I met Jenna."

When Hansen heard this, he was somewhat astonished. The expression on his face turned a little nervous as he questioned, "You went to Richards Manor? Is Jenna alright?"

Jaqueline saw his concern for Jenna from his face and couldn't help but to smile. "It seems that you and Jenna are very affectionate. I'm very envious of the both of you."

Hansen laughed. "Don't worry. In the future, you'll have a better Mr. Right to keep you company. You'll be happier than us."

Jaqueline's heart was slightly sour. She grew up in the spotlight, but she still couldn't find a partner. Was she too excellent, or was fate making a fool of her?

Jaqueline looked up, and she giggled. "Well, aren't you still going to have dinner with me?"

Hansen was helpless and could only smile. "If Miss Moore doesn't mind, then I'll respectfully accept your offer."

With that, he stood up, and walked towards the bar with his tall frame.

Jaqueline smiled triumphantly and exclaimed, "Don't worry, Jenna is doing well. Her belly is more obvious too."

Hearing this, Hansen felt warm in his heart. Jenna's slightly bulging belly flashed in his mind, and the corners of his mouth were full of tender smiles. Hansen felt hopeful, and his mood was great.

"Let's have some red wine to celebrate. For Jenna and the child, shall we?" Jaqueline opened a bottle of red wine and waved it in front of Hansen.

Hansen was in a good mood and agreed readily.


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