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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 643

When Liya was about to leave with the pickled vegetables in her hand, Letty stopped her in time. She lowered her voice and whispered mysteriously, "Mrs. Richards, today is a good opportunity. Today, Marissa is staying in Old Madam's room. Meroy has asked for leave to take a night off because she is sick. So, there is no one else in Old Madam's room. Since Old Madam is dying, everyone has let down their guard. So, now is a great opportunity. Don't miss it."

Letty's words were clear and logical, which warmed up Liya's refreshed mind. Her dull eyes were full of vitality.

The Ocean Heart? If she could get her hands on this valuable treasure, then she could do anything to her heart's content. Moreover, she could also get rid of Oscar and Zoella. She didn't have to be bothered about Oscar anymore, and she could be free.

With these thoughts in mind, Liya nodded and said, "Letty, thank you for your reminder."

"There's no need to thank me, Mrs. Richards." Letty smiled as she watched Liya leave.

Liya returned to the guest room. She paced around the room and thought for a while. She was pregnant now. If she didn't get rid of the child, then the plot would be exposed soon, and she would be kicked out then. Liya couldn't get any benefits from it. It was better to take something now and make some money out of it. If she could get that priceless treasure, then Liya would be rich in the future and would be able to enjoy a good life.

With this thought in mind, Liya gritted her teeth and made up her mind.

In the second half of the night, it was quiet. The heat of the day had already dissipated. At night, the air in the Ink Garden was cool and comfortable.

Liya secretly came to the Ink Garden's back lawn, which was situated at the back of Vivian's bedroom.

Liya jumped down from here the last time. As the window here was not high, she was sure that she could climb in from there. More importantly, there was no surveillance here. She had been paying attention to this for the past few days.

The Ink Garden was extremely quiet.

Liya put on a pair of white rubber gloves and brought a rock from the back wall. When she stepped on it, it didn't take her much effort to climb up the French windows.

She peeped inside through the glass window.

The room was dimly lit, and there was indeed no one inside. Marissa was sleeping in the lounge next door, and Meroy was not there either.


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