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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 645

"Jenna, what are you doing? Do you miss me?" After the phone was connected, a crisp female voice rang. Jenna was stunned for a while before she exclaimed, "Hannah, is that you?"

It had been a long time since she last saw Hannah. Jenna almost forgot her old best friend. She only knew that she had gone to Europe with Rayan and her Gently Cafeteria had closed down.

"Oh, my..."

"God, have you forgotten me?" Hannah protested impatiently on the other side of the line.

Her voice was light and clear, with a European accent. It had been a few months since they last met, but her tone was obviously different. It was not only sweet and feminine but also more European.

Jenna laughed out loud.

"Hey, you heartless friend. You just followed a man and eloped without telling me. You're such a disloyal friend. Yet, you're saying that I'm the one who has forgotten about you. Do you still have any kindness in your heart? I now strongly condemn you for your immoral behavior of prioritizing your boyfriend over your friend," Jenna replied righteously.

When Hannah heard this, she giggled and responded, "Well, I'm sorry. I prepared a heartfelt gift, and I'll give it to you once I return. How about that?"

"That's more like it." Jenna smiled. "Hurry up and tell me, where are you vacationing now with Rayan? Have you made any babies yet?"

Hannah was sitting on a big stone on the beach of Candaland, playfully splashing the seawater with her bare feet. It was very satisfying. Hearing Jenna's teasing, she looked at the gentleman standing next to her with a happy smile.

"I won't tell you." She tilted her head and deliberately teased her.

"If you don't tell me, then we can forget about our friendships." Jenna snorted and threatened seriously.

"How dare you! It looks like your true colors are showing." Hannah laughed softly. She turned her head around and raised her brows slightly towards Rayan.

Rayan was stunned, but he immediately understood what she meant. He shook his head and walked away with a smile.

Hannah saw that he had gone far and was sure that he couldn't hear their conversation. So, she informed Jenna mysteriously, "Jenna, I already have one."

Jenna was sitting in the back row, ready to tease her again. When she heard Hannah's words, she was stunned and immediately laughed. "Hey, pregnant before marriage?"

Hannah blushed and argued, "Come on, I only learnt from you. Didn't you and Hansen do the same? Jerry was already over one year old when you both got married. Don't mock me."

When Hannah mentioned Hansen, Jenna immediately thought of Hansen, who had been taken away. She felt a sharp pain in her chest as the smile on her face froze.

"How long has it been? When are you going to get married?" After a while, she asked in a pretty serious tone.

"Well, initially, I didn't want to get married so soon, but now it seems that there is no other way. For the child in my belly, I can only marry him secretly, and I have to sacrifice my independence." Hannah sighed over there, crying. Jenna could hear the happiness from her tone, and her heart was a little sad.

Hannah must be happier than she was!

A man like Rayan would definitely be able to make Hannah happy. She believed that!

It was also Hannah's blessing to be able to meet a man like Rayan. She was really happy for her best friend. Their lives would not be as disastrous as hers and Hansen's.

Jenna was relieved. After all, she didn't have many girlfriends.

She hoped that Hannah was happy.

"Hannah, congratulations," Jenna expressed sincerely. "You must tell me when you get married.

I will find a way to give you my blessing."

Due to the current situation, Jenna really couldn't guarantee that she could attend their wedding, but she would try her best to send her blessings to them.

"Jenna, are you telling me that you won't attend my wedding?" When Hannah heard Jenna's tone, she was a little unhappy.

"It's not that." Jenna shook her head. "As long as I can, I will definitely attend, but you have to tell me in advance." Jenna shook her head and comforted her.

"That's more like it." Hannah smiled. "Everyone should do something crazy once in their lives. For me, it must have been love that led to this."

She was assuring herself cockily.

Jenna smiled.

"By the way, Jenna, I will return to A City soon to rent out the cafe." Hannah's mood was a little sad.

Jenna was stunned. "Hannah, are you really going to close the business?"

"There's no other way. He doesn't allow me to run it anymore. Rayan said that his wife neither needs to show her face in public, nor does she need to earn such a meager amount. He can afford it, and I'll just need to take care of the children at home. Jenna, you are not allowed to laugh at me. You didn't think that I would become such a helpless 'full-time housewife' one day, did you?" Hannah exclaimed with tremendous emotion.

Jenna laughed as she replied," If you don't run the coffee shop, the upper-class society in A City will lack a beautiful lady boss like you. If you're not in Gently Cafeteria, then it will lose its unique charm and there would be no need for it to exist. If you rent it out, then the vibe would change too. It's really a pity."

Jenna couldn't help but to express the regret in her heart at the thought that the cafe would never exist again.

"Nonetheless, I still want to bless you sincerely. Gently Cafeteria is incomparable with Rayan. Promise me that you and Rayan will be happy and loving in this life." Jenna sincerely wished her well.

Wasn't it the best if a woman found comfort in a man who loved and adored her? This was the purpose of many women. If she didn't have that, then no matter how successful her career was, happiness would be far from reach.

Jenna understood this. Hannah's happiness also proved this truth, which was long proven to be credible. The independent and confident Hannah was the best proof.


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