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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again (Jenna and Hansen) novel Chapter 644

Marissa was asleep in the lounge, but she was still alert. As soon as she heard the sound of Vivian's gulps and rapid breathing, she woke up, hurriedly got up to get dressed, and ran to Vivian's bedroom.

Vivian had been in critical condition for such a long time. Everyone knew what she was most worried about at this time. Marissa dared not to be sloppy.

The lighting of Vivian's bedroom was good. It was a little higher than the lounge. Hence, there was a small flight of stairs between Vivian's bedroom and the lounge.

Marissa hurried up the stairs. Just as she opened the curtain, a blow struck her.

"Ah!" Marissa screamed, and her whole body was pushed to the back by a hand. She was caught off guard, and it was deep into the night. As she was not young anymore, Marissa fell down the stairs with such a push. She only felt great pain from her leg. Then, the back of her head hit the ground, and she immediately fainted.

Liya was rummaging through the room for treasure when Vivian suddenly gasped for air.

Soon after, she heard footsteps outside. She was panicking as she rummaged through the cabinet beside the door. She did not have time to escape through the window and knew that only Marissa was outside the door, who was keeping watch. When Liya looked up, she saw that Marissa's hand had lifted the door curtains. She was flustered and hurried over to push Marissa down.

Shortly, Liya heard Marissa's scream along with the sound of her body falling to the ground. Liya became afraid and panicked. She was no longer in the mood to look for the treasure. Thus, she frantically ran to the window and escaped.

After returning to the guest room, Liya was so alarmed that she could not sit still. She cocked her head to her side and kept an eye on what was happening outside.

More than twenty minutes later, she heard someone shouting outside. Liya opened the window and listened quietly. She could vaguely hear the crying in the Ink Garden, and her heart was beating fast.

When Jenna was sleeping soundly, the doorbell of the guest room suddenly rang in the quiet night.

She was so shocked that she rolled over and got up. It was still dark outside the window. Jenna was in a daze, and her mind was still muddled.

"Madam, something bad happened. Madam Marissa has passed out." Larry's voice rang from the outside, and she even sounded as if she were about to cry.

Marissa had passed out? What was going on?

Jenna was so shocked that she opened her eyes wide.

The noise awakened Sabrina too. She scrambled to her feet, and her eyes also widened.

Both of them looked at each other inexplicably and came to their senses. They got up in a hurry, put on their clothes, and rushed to the lounge of the Ink Garden.

Several servants in the Ink Garden were in a flurry. Larry and several servants in the Green Jade Garden were Marissa's distant relatives. When they noticed she had fainted, her face was pale and was unconscious. They were so scared that they began to cry.

"What's going on?" Jenna walked over and asked in a deep voice.

"Madam fainted." Everyone heard her voice and immediately made way for her.

Jenna immediately saw Marissa lying on the ground. She was in a daze and unconscious. Jenna was stunned and quickly bent down to hold her shoulders. Jenna cried out in pain, "Mom, what happened to you?" "What the h*ll is going on? Why is Aunt Marissa lying on the ground for no reason?" Sabrina was also shocked when she saw the situation. She hurriedly asked the servant next to her.

The servants were all frightened. They all shook their heads to show that they didn't know. They just answered, "When we heard Larry's cry, we saw this when we rushed over. I guess Madam fell by accident."

"She fell down the stairs?" Sabrina frowned and looked at the stairwell in disbelief.

"Hurry up, help Madam to the bed first." Jenna looked up and ordered the panic- stricken servants. Then, she ordered Larry, "Larry, quickly inform Mr. Trevor."

Larry had always been a close servant of Marissa. In addition to taking care of Jerry, she also followed Marissa. She knew that it was Marissa's turn to guard that night. So, she couldn't sleep well with the servants in the Ink Garden. Marissa also had rheumatoid arthritis, and Larry had to bring hot water to her every night. However, she didn't expect to witness such a horrible situation when she walked in, which really shocked her.

Everyone carefully carried Marissa to the bed.

Trevor quickly rushed over. When he saw Marissa lying on the bed, his head buzzed, and he almost fainted.

Trevor was having severe headaches for the past few days. Marissa felt sorry for him. So, she did not allow him to take the night watch shift and had insisted on replacing him. Who knew that such a situation would happen?

"Dad, don't worry. Let's send her to the hospital first." Jenna noticed that Trevor's complexion looked very pale, and she was worried about his health. Jenna quickly comforted him with tears in her eyes.


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