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Billionaire ’s Unforgettable First Love novel Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Reunion 

"Room service." 

Gwenyth gently knocked on the door while holding a serving trolley outside the presidential suite. 

Soon, the door was half opened by someone in the room. 

A black figure flashed by. 

"Hello, here is the food you ordered." 

Gwenyth pushed the door open and wheeled the serving trolley into the room with her head slightly lowered. 

There was a square table covered with a white tablecloth in front of the French window. 

A beautiful young woman with fair skin was sitting by the window. She wore a red slip dress with long curly hair hanging over one of her shoulders, looking extremely elegant. 

Gwenyth recognized her at a glance. That was Nancy Shandy, a popular female star in the entertainment circle. Recently, Nancy happened to be on the trending list because she was said to have had a secret romance with Edison Yates for three years. 

Gwenyth knew Edison. Moreover, she was familiar with him. 

Gwenyth had lived in the Yates house for fifteen years. Her mother was a nutritionist there, responsible for preparing food for Ismael, Edison's grandfather. Her mother didn't resign and move out of the Yates with Gwenyth and Gwenyth's sister until Gwenyth finished the college entrance examination. 

It had been four years since then. 

Gwenyth stopped the serving trolley next to the table and put all the dishes ordered by Nancy on it. 

There were two portions of steak, a salad, a bottle of good red wine, and a bucket of ice cream. 

Clearly, it was a meal for two people. 

Somehow, Gwenyth felt a little frustrated. 

"Is Nancy going to have lunch with Edison here?" wondered Gwenyth. 

The person who had opened the door for Gwenyth was not Nancy. Although Gwenyth didn't see that person, she was sure that it was a man because he was tall and strong in black. 

With a cold face, Nancy ordered, "Open the wine bottle." 

"Yes! Please wait a moment." Gwenyth picked up a corkscrew and opened the bottle. 

"Decant the wine!" 

Nancy glanced at Gwenyth indifferently and looked her up and down, with a trace of contempt in her eyes. 

Her gaze made Gwenyth feel uncomfortable. 

Nancy's voice was very cold and she was indeed beautiful, but she was not really a mischievous and lovely lady with a sweet voice as she was praised by her fans. 

It must just be a public persona that her agency helped her create. 

After all, actresses were always quite good at acting. 

Gwenyth bent down, held the wine decanter with one hand, and picked up the bottle with the other, slowly pouring the wine into the decanter bit by bit. 

"So, what do you think of my suggestion?" 

A deep and husky male voice came from the bedroom. 

A tall man in a black shirt with his hands in his pockets walked out. 

The man was squinting slightly with a cigarette in his mouth. His tie was loosened and he looked a little flirtatious. 

Gwenyth was a little stunned at the sight of him. It should be he who opened the door two minutes ago. 

At that time, Gwenyth only saw a black figure passing by and didn't notice which room the man had entered. 

It was really Edison. 

They hadn't seen each other for four years, and he had changed a lot. When they parted, they were both young. Now he was over 70 inches tall, and the teenage spirit on his face had faded away. He had a chiseled face, deep eyes, and great charisma, looking manly and a little mischievous. 

Gwenyth's heart skipped a beat. She was so flustered that she didn't know what to do. She was afraid that Edison would recognize her. 

But soon, she found that her worries were unfounded. 

Edison didn't look at her at all. His eyes were fixed on Nancy all the time. 

Gwenyth breathed a sigh of relief secretly and continued to pour the remaining wine in the bottle into the decanter. 

"Don't push me!" 

Nancy frowned and said coldly, "Why do I have to get married as you wish? I'm on the threshold of my career. You can't destroy it." 

"My grandfather is in poor health. He wants to see me get married," said Edison. 

"You only consider your grandfather. Have you considered my feelings?" 


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