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Billionaire ’s Unforgettable First Love novel Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Reward of 450 Thousand Dollars

Without a moment's hesitation, Gwenyth answered firmly, "No. Can I leave now?"

Edison remained silent.

Gwenyth pushed the cleaning trolley and took two steps forward tentatively. Andy looked at Edison. Seeing that Edison had no intention of stopping Gwenyth, Andy immediately made way for her and opened the door for Gwenyth.

Gwenyth quickened her pace and rushed to the employee rest area with the cleaning trolley.

She sat down on a chair and thought about what had just happened, feeling a little surreal.

"Did Edison recognize me? It's really ridiculous that he had his assistant prepare the dating agreement within twenty minutes and asked me to sign," thought Gwenyth to herself.

After resting for an hour, someone spoke to her over the intercom.

Edison ordered some food again, and Gwenyth had to deliver it to him.

She was the only one in charge of this floor today.

She couldn't escape.

She braced herself to go to the dining room and pushed the serving trolley into the elevator.

Edison was standing by the window in the presidential suite with a frown. His eyes were impenetrable. There was an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Clearly, he was in a bad mood.

Andy handed Edison the employees' information. Edison took it and quickly turned to the page of the room attendant Gwenyth.

It turned out that she was just a temporary worker who had come for less than two months.

"Mr. Yates, we've found several noble ladies. All of them are good," said Andy.

The implication in his words was that he was asking Edison why Edison asked Gwenyth to sign the agreement when Edison finally made up his mind.

Edison had read the information about Gwenyth and found that there was nothing special about her. Although she was beautiful and sexy, she was nothing more than an ordinary person without a powerful family background, and it was difficult for Edison to achieve his ultimate goal.

After reading the information, Edison threw it to Andy without saying anything.

Right at this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Andy went to open the door.

Gwenyth pushed the serving trolley to the table in the room.

She didn't look at Edison who was standing in front of the window, and the man turned his back to her without turning around, either.

After putting the food on the table, Gwenyth intended to leave with the serving trolley. Edison said indifferently, "I'll give you another chance to think about it."

After saying that, he lit the cigarette and took a deep drag.

Then he spat out some white smoke, which surrounded him.

It was overcast today, and the sky was dark, casting a glum look on the face of Edison, who was standing in front of the window. He was a little flirtatious, but when he was quiet, he looked gloomy.

Gwenyth stared at him for a while and then pushed the serving trolley out.

After Gwenyth delivered this meal, Edison didn't ask for room service anymore.

Gwenyth had little to do in the whole afternoon. When it was five o'clock in the afternoon, her colleague who took over the work came.

Gwenyth changed her clothes in a hurry and left through the employee passage. When she went out, she found that it had begun to rain.

The rain was not heavy, and the air was stuffy and wet, making it difficult to breathe.

Gwenyth walked toward the subway station in the rain. She had changed the pair of small leather shoes when she was working into casual shoes and wore a loose T-shirt and jeans. Her feet felt much more comfortable, and she walked briskly.

The subway station was not far away. Feeling that the rain was getting heavier and heavier, she ran there in one go.

Edison, who was sitting in the car, saw her running in the rain.

He was sitting in the back seat of the black Bentley with a frown, staring through the window at the figure who was wet all over and ran in a sorry state.

Andy looked back at him and sensed that Edison was in a worse mood than before. Very cautiously, Andy asked, "Mr. Yates, do you want me to give an umbrella to Miss Lovelace?"

Edison turned to look at him and asked, "She's gotten drenched. What's the point of giving her an umbrella?"

Andy was rendered speechless


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