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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 120

It was unpalatable and sweet.

How was it sweet? Did he take sugar for salt?

Hank immediately went into the kitchen and picked up the box of seasoning to see if it was sugar, salt, or monosodium glutamate. They were all placed in the same box, so he must have mistaken sugar for salt just now.

Before Hank got married, his mother cooked for him at home. After marriage, the Hunt sisters cooked for him. He did not have to cook all his life. It was no wonder the dish he cooked was unpalatable because he mistook sugar for salt.

Then, he looked at the pasta in the pot. Since Liberty had measured everything for him, the pasta was edible.

However, the spoiled Hank could not swallow plain pasta without any seasoning or meat.

Hank turned hot-tempered when he thought how hard he had worked for the first half of the day and came back without food on the table. He went into the room angrily and became more infuriated when he saw Liberty sitting on the bed, looking at her phone.

He suddenly stepped forward, slapped away Liberty’s phone, grabbed Liberty’s hair. He dragged her to the floor and started throwing punches and kicks at Liberty. He did not yell at Liberty for fear of waking up his son who was fast asleep.

Liberty was unprepared for Hank’s sudden attack and was dragged to the ground by her hair. When she came back to her senses, she retaliated immediately.

Hank was a man, and he caught her by surprise, so Liberty was still at a disadvantage even when she fought back.

However, Liberty would not admit defeat even if her face and nose were swollen and bruised because of Hank’s beating. She remembered a colleague once told her that when a couple fought for the first time, the woman had to win no matter what and could never lose the fight. That way, the man would know that the woman was not easily bullied.


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