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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 121

Liberty chased after Hank with a kitchen knife.

Hank did not expect Liberty to be so tough.

Liberty had always been gentle and thoughtful since their marriage. Even lately, when he yelled at her, she would only quarrel with him on the occasion that he went overboard.

This time, Liberty acted like a lunatic after he hit her.

Not only did Liberty fight back, but she also went ahead to get a kitchen knife.

Hank ran out of the room and then out of the apartment.

Liberty did not stop either and chased after him with the kitchen knife.

She chased Hank down the stairs.

This scene shocked the entire neighborhood.

Liberty ran after Hank with the kitchen knife for five blocks. When she was exhausted, she sat by the side of the road to catch her breath.

Hank was also tired and sat far away from her.

When Hank’s parents and sister rushed over and saw them, Hank felt aggrieved.

His parents were exasperated when they saw their precious son looking so wretched with both sides of his face swollen. Chelsea even rolled up her sleeves and said angrily, “That b*tch actually had the audacity to hit my brother! I’ll kill her!”

Mrs. Brown was so distressed that she burst into tears and scolded him. “Are you two enemies? How dare she beat up my son?! I knew she was crazy because she grew up undisciplined, without parents, and I told you not to marry her! But you insisted!


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