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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 126

Zachary was in dismay. However, on second thought, Callum recommending Serenity’s handicrafts would only mean more money for Serenity. Since Serenity was his wife, he could still reap some benefits from it. With this in mind, Zachary no longer felt too depressed about it.

When Serenity finished cooking, she brought all of the dishes and placed them on the table.

The couple took their seats and had dinner together.

Zachary was in a good mood and ate with much gusto.

He had to admit that Serenity had great cooking skills and he was blessed to have her.

After the meal, Serenity washed the dishes and picked up the bag of clothes from the couch. She retrieved the clothes from the bag and handed them to Zachary. “Mr. York, try these two sets of clothes and see if they fit?

“You’ve been of great help to me, so I think treating you to a meal isn’t enough. That’s why I bought you two sets of new clothes and ties to match. They’re all in black, your favorite color.”

Zachary had guessed long ago that these were for him, but he did not show it. He took over the clothes from Serenity and asked while looking at her, “How do you know what my size is?”

“I asked Nana.”

Zachary left it at that.

“Do you want to try it on?”

“No, they’ll fit.”

Serenity chose the color he liked.

“Just ask me next time if you’re unsure what to buy.”

Zachary thought to himself, ‘Don’t ask Nana. If she finds out, who knows what kind of tricks she’ll pull behind my back?’

“You’re busy with work, so I don’t want to bother you,” Serenity replied.

Zachary was without a word.


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