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Cupid's Arrow Hit On Me novel (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 125

Jasmine looked at her cousin suspiciously and asked, “Shawn, why are you asking about this?”

Shawn would not admit his feelings for Serenity and that he was looking forward to Serenity’s divorce, so he lied. “I just care about Serenity. I don’t mean anything else. Serenity is a nice girl. If her husband doesn’t treat her well, it’ll be better to get a divorce sooner so she can find a man who will appreciate her. That way, she can live a good life.”

“That’s true. Serenity is great! I believe Mr. York will fall in love with her. He might even fall for her sooner than the other way round!”

Jasmine only wished the best for her friend.

Shawn’s heart ached.

He could not tell his cousin that he had a crush on Serenity because he was afraid Jasmine would tell his mother.

Not to mention, Shawn was a little younger than Serenity. Even if Serenity were to divorce, his mother would never accept Serenity as a daughter-in-law.

Before Shawn had full confidence in pursuing Serenity, he was careful to conceal his feelings from others.

The sun set over the ocean in the west. The sky quietly darkened as night fell.

Back in Brynfield, Serenity was bustling about the kitchen. The aroma of food wafted out from time to time, attracting Zachary to the kitchen door.

He wanted to help, but Serenity said she would do it all by herself since she was treating him to dinner and declined his help. He was watching TV in the hall but felt bored, so he might as well watch his wife cook.

Zachary looked at Serenity’s graceful movements with a deep and gentle gaze. Even though he had not noticed these changes in himself, he felt Serenity possessed many strengths.

“Serenity,” Zachary called out suddenly as a thought popped into his head.

Serenity turned her head to look at him while she continued to cook and asked, “Speak your mind, Mr. York.”

“You’ve taken good care of those few potted plants on the balcony. Can you spare me one to bring to the office so I can put it on my desk?”


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