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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 129

Theodore and Mrs. Godfrey were only separated by the sofa, with less than half a meter between them. With his cold eyes exuding intimidating gaze, he said. "I don't want to see what happened yesterday repeat again. Don't touch her or else, everything you've hoped for will remain just that - a dream."


As soon as he finished his words, a loud slap echoed in the room.

"Was this what I taught you?" Mrs. Godfrey's voice was sharp and piercing, mixed with the echo of the slap. "It's just a woman. Is she worth your trouble?"

Theodore did not even flinch. A faint red mark appeared on his left cheek. His eyes appeared more hostile. He glared at Madison, who stood in front of him, completely silent. "Have you had enough?"

"You..." Mrs. Godfrey's shoulders trembled and her raised hand was still suspended mid-air. She stared at her son in front of her and for the first time, a fit of uncontrollable anger emerged.

"Don't touch her." Theodore repeated himself; his voice was even colder and more intimidating than before. "You were not the one who handed me Godfrey Group. I'm a Godfrey, but you're not."

That one simple sentence became the last straw that broke the camel's back.

If she wasn't on the sofa, Mrs. Godfrey would have fainted there and then. She had been arrogant most of her life and looked at everyone from her high horse. This included her husband, who was the former president of Godfrey Group who ran away with another woman, and her own son, who was so indifferent to her.

Mrs. Godfrey looked at Theodore in disbelief and her voice trembled with anger. "What did you just say? Say it again!"

"I think you heard me clear enough."

Theodore glanced at Mrs. Godfrey. His stoic expression did not change the entire time. "I have to rush back for a meeting. I'm leaving." "The-Theodore, stop right there! You..."

He was silent and turned away.

When he was leaving, Theodore walked to the door and glanced at George, who saw him out.

"My mother is old. She doesn't know better. You should be her voice of reason, George."

George's face turned pale and his forehead was sweating. He did not dare to answer Theodore.

The black car drove away, leaving a trail of fallen leaves in front of the villa.

"Crash!" A loud noise came from the living room of the villa. George was startled by it. It was immediately followed by the sound of broken porcelain.

"Why are you cleaning? Get the h*ll out of here!"

The next day was a weekend. Yvonne called Everleigh the day before to invite her to go on a hike with her.

Mount Elephant was a tourist area and there were many tourists who were hiking.

Everleigh was drenched in sweat after climbing halfway up the mountain.

"Would you like to rest?" Yvonne, dressed in white casual clothes and who was looking very energetic, pointed to the gazebo halfway up the mountain, "There is a gazebo over there."

Everleigh nodded with her hands on her knees; she was so tired that she could barely stand straight.

As doctors, they rarely exercised. They had irregular meals and their schedules were all over the place. Hiking up a mountain was a lot for Everleigh to bear.

After they sat in the gazebo, Yvonne opened a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her. "Drink some water and rest for a while."

"Thank you."

"Are you okay?"

Everleigh drank some water and reluctantly nodded, "I'm okay. I should be able to reach the top but I'm afraid I will hold you back."

"Haha." Yvonne guffawed. "It's okay. I know that you, as doctors, don't have the time to exercise unlike me, who usually does nothing but run around."

"It's good for your health. It's a good habit."

"You also need to exercise more." Yvonne moved her hands and said, "You won't feel good when you keep everything to yourself for too long. If you don't want to feel suffocated, you should take a walk."


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