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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 130

"Selena," Crystal's voice pulled Selena back from her thoughts.

Selena asked, "Do you think that's Everleigh?"

Crystal followed Selena's gaze and looked, "It seems so."

"Dr. Trevino?" Another woman's voice came from the side, followed by her assistant holding a fan for her. She naturally walked towards Selena and greeted her. She casually looked into the distance and said in surprise, "Isn't that Mrs. Meyer from the Meyer Group?"

The woman who came and stood next to Selena was Sharmaine Baker, who had previously complained about bringing funds.

"Mrs. Meyer?" Selena frowned and couldn't be bothered about her grudge with Sharmaine.

"You don't know her, do you, Selena? Not long ago, I went to Mrs. Meyer's birthday party and met her there. I did not expect to meet her here. I'm going to say hello," Sharmaine sounded proud as she spoke.

Selena looked at Sharmaine, who was heading towards Everleigh's direction and frowned deeper. She then said to her assistant, "Follow them and see what's going on."

Mrs. Meyer?

Wasn't there something going on with her and Theodore?

Candles were lit in the church and the aroma was calming.

Yvonne knelt in the sanctuary and prayed. After some time, she went to the altar and chose a bible verse. Then, she turned to Everleigh and said, "Let's go."

Everleigh asked her, "Do you want to meet the priest?"

Yvonne shook her head and smiled gently. "There's no need forthem."

Everleigh knew Yvonne was only worried about her son's health and nothing else. "Don't worry, medical care is very developed now and it's possible to cure heart diseases. Even if it's not a complete recovery, Hansen can still live well with a little extra care."

"It's alright. I've let go after all these years." Yvonne smiled. "Let's go and have a look outside. The view over Mount Elephant is spectacular."

"Yes, I used to come here often when I was a child."

"It's a pity that the old lady who sells desserts is not here today."

The view from the mountain was great and there was much greenery. The weather was not too hot either. A light breeze slowly blew over them and it was very enjoyable. The two of them walked further from the church.

While they were chatting, Everleigh noticed Yvonne still clutching the bible verse in her hand. Although she smiled, there was still some sadness underneath it.

Everleigh could tell that she was distracted. After hesitating, she asked, "Can I take a look at the Bible verse?"

Yvonne looked at her and said, "Sure."

Everleigh looked at the bible verse and had no clue what it meant.

She wasn't well-versed with this sort of thing. She couldn't figure out what it meant after looking at it for a long while. She returned the verse to Yvonne. "The Bible verse should imply that there are many possibilities for what you wished for to happen, right?"

Yvonne smiled. "You could interpret it that way."

"Don't overthink it. I've handled many children with congenital heart diseases. Now, there is a high surgery success rate. However, many families can't afford the cost of treatment."

Heart bypass was affordable, but for a heart transplant and valve surgery, it could wipe out almost all of the savings of an ordinary family. Hence, a lot of families could not afford it.

The two of them walked down the steps together. In the midst of the greenery, Yvonne suddenly said, "If Hansen was born into an ordinary family, I would not be so worried."

Everleigh's heart sank at her words.

Although Yvonne did not say anything more, her heart could not help but wonder.

Hansen was the son of the Godfrey family. He would be part of the Godfrey Group if he was in good health.

Everleigh suddenly remembered what Christopher said. If Xavier, Theodore's younger brother, did not get into a car accident, Theodore would not be the president of the Godfrey Group.


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