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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 132

Mullen Summer, a trainee doctor, came out from the conference room and hurriedly followed behind Everleigh.

"Dr. Trevino, which option do you think the patient's family will choose?"

"I don't know." Everleigh looked indifferent. "Anything is possible."

There were two options, the first option was to save the child first, but the operation success rate to remove the steel pipe from the mother would inevitably decrease. The second option was to remove the steel pipe first, but the success rate for the child to be born safely would be lower.

For doctors, explaining it clearly to the family members was merely just about explaining the two different operation plans. However, for the family members, they held a different perspective; to them it was a matter of life and death.

It was not the first time Everleigh encountered such a difficult problem.

At the door of the operating theater, the patient's husband had been waiting for a long time. When he saw Everleigh walking towards him in a white coat, he immediately got up from his chair and asked, "Doctor, how is it?"

Mullen told the patient's husband about both the operation options and said, "Currently, the outcome of the experts' consultation are these two options. However, you will need to make a decision and sign a consent form once you have confirmed your decision."

With the procedure consent form in hand, the husband of the patient, who was a middle-aged man who was expecting his first child at the age of 40, looked pale and hesitant.

Everleigh had seen a lot of human nature and was already a little numb to it by now. She turned around and went directly into the operating theater. "Mullen, send the form in later. I have to clean my hands and change my clothes first."

"Okay, Dr. Trevino."

The white light of the operating theater shone brightly on the operating table.

The pregnant woman was about to give birth at full term. The left side of her chest was pierced by a rusty steel pipe of about half a meter long. At that moment, there was no color on her face and no sign of life could be seen in her. The instruments were beeping next to her, showing her vital signs.

Everleigh changed into sterile clothes and stood in front of the operating table with her hands hung in front of her. Not long after Mullen brought in the consent form, she looked at it and frowned slightly after a glance, but said nothing.

The nurse on the side pushed the equipment cart aside and Everleigh took two steps back to make room for Director Wood from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The human heart was something that was even harder to directly look at than the sun.

Director Wood was racing against time. After the cesarean surgery was over, he immediately sutured the patient, then handed the operating table over to Everleigh.

"Hemostatic forceps."


For some reason, Everleigh was particularly serious about the operation. She barely blinked her eyes. A second before Everleigh pulled out the steel pipe, everyone in the operating room held their breath.

The moment she pulled it out, the high pressure blood from the patient's chest gushed out directly towards the surgical

light and splashed all over the faces of the nurses nearby.

Everleigh, however, was calm. "Get ready to stop the bleeding." "Suture needle."

"I'll stitch it," said a familiar voice from the side. Everleigh turned her head in surprise and saw that the surgical assistant next to her was Christopher.

While she was lost in thought, Christopher used the suture needle and thread and made the final stitch on the patient's wound.

The operation lasted for five hours. When the suture was completed, everyone in the entire operating theater, including the trainee doctors and hospital leaders in the external room of the operating theater, was relieved.

"Dr. Trevino, Dr. Meyer, thank you for your hard work."

"It's nothing. Send the patient to the ICU." Everleigh took off her mask and gloves and threw them into the medical waste bin next to her. Then, she held her sore waist and came out of the operating theater.

"Are you okay?" Christopher handed her a thermos cup, which contained some tea. "Have a drink."

"Thank you."


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