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Deep Love Hidden From Him novel Chapter 131

After coming down from Mount Elephant, Everleigh got into a cab and enjoyed the scenery outside.

She looked out of the window restlessly and her eyes were unfocused. What Selena said kept echoing in her head. "I'm not interested to know what you're facing. Three months should be sufficient for you to settle your matters here and transfer your children to another school."

After saying this without pity, she excused herself and hung up the phone without giving Everleigh a chance to say anything else.

Everleigh's head was in a mess after Selena hung up the phone.

Her younger sister, Selena, was the most straightforward person among all of those who did not want her in Ocpeace City. Her method was simple yet brusque. As long as Selena had any evidence, she would use it against Everleigh to force her to leave.

If her father found out that she married Christopher, he would definitely interrogate her. If the Trevino family and the Meyer family began to deepen their relationship as inlaws, it would be difficult for them to break off their relationship when the time came.

She did not care if she was the only one affected. At worst, she could just leave Ocpeace City with her children. However, if the matter got bigger, how would Christopher deal with it, and how would the Meyer family and the Trevino family handle it?

Three months was too short.

At the Godfrey Group.

The afternoon sun shone through the gaps of the blinds onto the grey carpet. Under the air conditioner, the beams faintly swayed over a hand holding a pen on the table. After a few strokes, the hand signed twice at the end of the contract and placed it aside.

"Knock, knock!"

"Come in."

"Mr. Godfrey, this is the revised plan from the sales department."

"Leave it."

Theodore did not raise his head as he spoke. He was focused on the documents in his hand. As he flipped through the pages, he coughed twice. He looked a little tired.

Moses asked him with concern, "Mr. Godfrey, did you catch a cold?"

"I'm fine." Theodore's tone was indifferent. "How did the errand that I asked you to run this morning go?"

Moses came to his senses and said, "I've found Mr. Allen. As you anticipated, he had a lot to drink and did not answer his phone. I think he should be awake by now."

Theodore nodded his head after hearing what Moses said.

"If there are no further matters, I'll head out."


After Moses left, the office door was shut and the room fell into silence.

Theodore put down his pen and went through the contact list on his phone. He dialed a number and the line was connected after ringing for a while. A lazy male voice came from the other end. "Hello?"

"It's me." Theodore's voice was as cold but strong as ever.

"The caller ID showed your name." The man's voice on the phone was hoarse and he sounded drunk. He turned his body over and yawned "What's wrong with you? Calling me this early in the morning and interrupting my dream. I thought I was being kidnapped!"

Theodore was not in the mood for jokes. He said seriously, "Is the detective agency that you mentioned last time trustworthy?"

The person on the other end of the line was surprised. He seemed to have sobered up a little. "Oh?"

Theodore continued to ask, "How good are they?"

Speaking of this, the other party was excited and said proudly, "That goes without saying. They are reliable not only in Ocpeace City but also in the entire country. They are far more capable than other detective agencies."


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