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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 633

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Mo Huiling complained over WeChat and on the phone. She complained to just about anyone she could find.

She told people, “You guys have no idea. Lin Che appears so nice on the outside, but she’s especially evil behind closed doors. She specifically got people to play tricks on me. She appears so gracious by letting me move in with them, but she secretly let her people attack me. I’m a pregnant lady but she didn’t even let me off. She said that she tricked me into moving in and wanted to harm my baby. She can’t have kids of her own, so she doesn’t want me to have a child too…”

The next day, this information became uglier as it spread.

As soon as Lin Che woke up, Yu Minmin called her and asked, “What exactly did you do? Why are people outside talking about you?”

Lin Che said exasperatedly, “What are they saying about me? I’ve got gossip again?”

“It’s not gossip. The maids outside are all talking about you.”

“Huh?” Lin Che was completely stunned. She had no idea what had happened at all.

Yu Minmin said, “Yes, I told you before. This circle is not large and word spreads easily. Some small matters would spread around among the maids and caretakers, much less a huge thing like this.”

“What exactly is it?”

“When I left just now, I heard the maids say that Mo Huiling was kicked out of the home by the Gu family.”

“Yes, Gu Jingze kicked her out yesterday, but that’s not her home. That is my home!”

“Yes yes, but that was how Mo Huiling said it. Furthermore, I saw through what the maids meant. That is your home, but in everyone’s eyes, Mo Huiling is carrying Gu Jingze’s child and that means that she has a foot in the Gu family’s door. Thus, it is reasonable for her to say that she was kicked out of her home.”

“What kind of ridiculous logic is this…”

“Don’t care so much about that. Anyway, that’s what people think now. Everyone is saying that you’re really ruthless to treat Mo Huiling this way. You intentionally tricked her into moving in and wanted to get rid of her baby. You are really cunning.”

“Ha… How come this whole situation seems so familiar? It’s a bit like the palace drama that Mu Feiran filmed a few years back…” The more Lin Che heard about this, the funnier she thought it was.

Yu Minmin said, “Go go go. Who is joking around with you now? This is all real. Everyone is saying that what you did was wrong. As a madam of the Gu family, you should be magnanimous. How can you try to get rid of your husband’s child just because someone else is carrying it? This child is also the Gu family’s flesh and blood and you should treat the baby as if it was your own. Now, they all say that you’re cruel and evil. Also, they said that you’re not fit to be with Gu Jingze. They said that you actually don’t match up to Mo Huiling, but you’re a bit more arrogant because you get special treatment and that is why you’re so ruthless. They even said that you brainwashed Gu Jingze because he didn’t keep you in check. You must have enchanted him and tricked him. You hid your vicious heart from him and that is why he gives in to you so much.”

Yu Minmin then continued, “In any case, they are just saying that you are a wolf in a sheep’s skin. You snubbed out Mo Huiling for the sake of a man and you even eradicated her. You are the third party but now you are executing the original.”

“Ha… Ha…” Lin Che was so angry that her lungs hurt.

After a long time, she then said, “Alright, I must really hand it to her. Mo Huiling only just left the Gu residence and she already spread this much.”

“You better be careful when you go out today. You are basically like a street rat now…”

“…” Lin Che stood there with the phone in her hand. She heard Yu Minmin’s muted chuckle and she said, “You still have the cheek to laugh.”

“Alright, Lin Che. A cornered dog will jump over the wall. That is why she would say such things about you. However, Gu Jingze will never believe this and he will hate her more instead. What are you worried about? What people say will sooner or later be discredited. Don’t get too upset.”

Lin Che heard this and gradually calmed down. She was indeed not that angry anymore.

Yes, Gu Jingze would never believe it anyway. He knew the truth. In that case, why did it matter what other people felt and said?

In contrast, if she was really affected, that would only make Mo Huiling happy.

Lin Che was still somewhat angry, but not so much anymore.


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