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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 634

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Lin Che reached the company and immediately received a piece of good news.

Yu Minmin said, “I’ve just been informed by the production crew. You’ve been selected as the female lead for “Blood”. Everybody thinks that you’re the most suitable candidate.”

Lin Che was so happy that she heaved a sigh of relief. “Really? That’s great… I finally have good news. Otherwise, I might die of depression.”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s okay. Don’t get upset over that anymore. This too shall pass.”

“I know.”

Yu Minmin pulled Lin Che along with her and brought her to the rehearsal room behind, “Come over and see this. Training has already begun for our new recruits.”

Lin Che’s interest was piqued as she followed Yu Minmin.

Through the window, she could see people attending the training.

Yu Minmin said, “Xue Yang’s performance is not bad. He has recently been selected for a TV drama again. This time, the amount of screen time is not bad. When the filming there is done, we can go and film.”

“Really? That’s great.” Lin Che heard that the new recruits were pretty good. This also gave her satisfaction.

Although she was a boss now, she never felt like the part until now. Seeing these new recruits hard at work, she now felt that these people were depending on her and the company.

Through the window, Lin Che saw that these people were very focused and hardworking. They listened as the staff talked to them and the teacher, whom Yu Minmin pulled strings to hire, taught them. They listened very intensely.

But just then, someone suddenly said, “Look, it’s Sister Che.”

The recruits turned their heads.

Lin Che looked at them. She had no choice but to open the door and walk inside.

“Hello everyone. I must be interrupting you guys.”

“No no, Sister Che. You’re here.”

“Sister Che, we’re having a lesson on performance. Would you like to give us a few words?”

“Exactly, Sister Che. You are so good at acting. Can you share your experience?”

Lin Che could only walk over and say to everyone, “Acting indeed requires practice. In the past, many actors had pretty good skills. Now, everyone thinks that many new actors can’t compare to the old ones. Actually, it is because they filmed many many shows and at that time, the actors weren’t worth a lot. Actors were just like normal working people taking average salaries. If they filmed more shows, they would be rewarded. They had to take up whatever their companies gave them. Thus, everyone could only fight hard to earn money and they ended up filming more. Gradually, their acting improved and so I hope you guys don’t get anxious. Take it slow and study diligently. Skills cannot be passed down verbally. Sometimes, you need your own knowledge a lot more.”

Lin Che said this and turned back to smile at the teacher, “I’m just spouting nonsense.”

The teacher said, “Not at all. Your words may be rough but they are logical. You’re right, Lin Che. Now, you’re a celebrity with good acting skills, but other stars now are really… When some actors accept shows, they would see how influential is it for their own fame. When they are filming, they would again be worried about their image. Thus, during filming, they would keep too much of their own image and they will easily not fit the scripted image. This is really not good.”

Lin Che smiled and said, “Alright, all of you have heard this right? I hope that our company can walk the path of placing skills first. I hope everyone can understand that only skills can support us until the end. If you become famous without any skills, you can only be famous for so long, right?”

Everyone immediately applauded and praised her, “Sister Che, we know. We want to learn from Sister Che and place acting skills as a priority. This is how we can be famous for so long like you. Furthermore, you’ll continue being famous.”

“Exactly. I used to think Qin Wanwan was so great, but now she has been so quiet.”


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