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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 637

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Lin Che was too lazy to bother with these anymore. Ever since she joined that group chat, she would go into it occasionally to see what these rich princesses and princes were chatting about.

Yu Minmin saw her looking at her phone. She said, “Alright, haven’t I told you? Don’t look at the comments anymore. If you look at them again, I’m confiscating your phone!”

“Okay, I wasn’t peeping at the comments. I was looking at a WeChat group.”

Lin Che handed the phone for her to see.

Yu Minmin held it and took a look. She asked in surprise, “Wow, what group is this?”

“It’s just a group filled with rich ladies and playboys.”

“Isn’t this a wealthy group?” Yu Minmin’s eyes were sparkling.

Lin Che said, “Yes.”

“If you could go in and simply pull out any of them as sponsors, then… Hehehe…” Dollar signs already reflected in Yu Minmin’s eyes.

Lin Che hit her head. “Yu Minmin, are you being money-minded now?”

Yu Minmin returned to normal. She smiled and said, “No, I was just saying it for fun.”

Lin Che said, “If you want to join, I can pull you in.”

Yu Minmin waved her hand dismissively, “Forget it. I have nothing much to say to them.”

“I have never spoken in there either. I just go in to see what they’re talking about.”

“Then I should listen to you and see what these rich people are usually up to.”

“But it’s actually not much different from normal people. I’ve been seeing the whole afternoon,” Lin Che replied. “It’s all about makeup, shopping, bags, Hermès, Chanel and stuff like that. The guys would talk about chasing girls, going to bars, buying yachts, planes, cars, game consoles and such.”

Yu Minmin sighed in amazement, “Meaning that they change our usual conversations about Taobao and Daigou to way more expensive things in their conversation. It’s really not a big difference… Not a big difference… It’s just a difference in money.”

Lin Che got up and looked outside. The presidential car was here.

Lin Che smiled and said, “Oh my, Mr. President is here to pick you up.”

Yu Minmin looked out and blushed. She said, “I’ll head back first. You should go home early too.”

“Go go. I won’t take up any more of your time.”

Yu Minmin left. Lin Che watched her back view and sighed. She took out her phone and continued looking at the comments.

Although she was torturing herself by looking at the comments, she simply couldn’t resist.

Her heart was clearly still fragile yet she still tortured herself… She finally understood this feeling.

Sometimes, some comments were clearly unreasonable but arrogant. It really made her want to rebut them, but her logic warned her not to. This feeling was the worst.

Especially when comments said that she had no skills and she only slept her way up. They said that she would ruin “Blood” and the box office would definitely fail. This made Lin Che want to retaliate even more. She wanted to tell them, “You can come over if you dare. I’ll perform for you and you’ll see if I have the skills or not!”

However, there was nothing she could do.

She could only watch and tolerate it.

“Sister Che, you haven’t left?” At this moment, a man’s voice rang from above.

Lin Che looked up and saw that it was Xue Yang.

She smiled and said, “Yeah, I’m about to leave. How come you’re here?”

Xue Yang replied, “The public relations department wanted me to come back and sign an agreement. I’m going to start filming with another crew.”

“Really? Are you adjusting to it?”

“Yeah, I’m already adjusted to it.”


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