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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage novel Chapter 636

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Mo Huiling was envious for a while and then her eyes filled with viciousness. She looked out at the cold moonlight. “It’s all because she knows how to rope people in. Hmph.”

Father Mo saw all these and hurried home.

“Huiling, you really need to stop this. I heard all about it in the company today. Your nonsense this time has provoked many nobilities. What are we going to do if they decide to join forces?”

Mo Huiling was already feeling frustrated. Hearing her father say this, she got angrier, “Dad, why are you being so nosey? I know my limits.”

Father Mo obviously did not listen to her. He hurried to her side as his face was filled with worry. “Huiling, our family cannot fight against so many people. Furthermore, it’s useless for you to keep talking bad about her. If you offend someone, it won’t benefit us at all. I already told you a long time ago. You have to be careful. See how many people you’ve provoked now because of this matter? Now, they are all against us.”

Mo Huiling stood up angrily.

Father Mo circled her as he advised her tirelessly, “Huiling.”

“It’s all because Lin Che instigated this on purpose.”

“And you don’t have a good lever like her to know so many people. Whose fault is it here? If you were also like her and stole hearts everywhere, you wouldn’t be a lone army putting up a brave fight now. It’s all because you’re not as capable as her. You don’t know all these people.”

“Okay Dad, stop it! I’m already frustrated as it is! If you keep talking, I’m really going to kill myself!” Mo Huiling vented.

“Fine fine, don’t be angry.” Father Mo decided to appease her on account that she was carrying Gu Jingze’s child.

“Just wait quietly for your child to be born. At least we will still protect your child from harm. It’s just that this Lin Che is so capable now so you better stay away from her. Otherwise, she might really want to deal with your child. That would be the most challenging part.”

Mo Huiling scoffed. She did not want to concede but she had no other choice.

Father Mo shook his head and mumbled in puzzlement, “Who would have thought that Lin Che would be so capable? In such a short span of time, she already got to know so many rich people. Anyone of them could hold us off for a long time. Now, they have all ganged up. This is really scary…”

Lin Che saw that everyone supported her so much and she felt like she should say something. She said to Lu Beichen, “Help me thank them please.”

Lu Beichen replied, “You’re in the group anyway. You can say it yourself.”

How could Lin Che dare to? “I don’t want to. There are so many wealthy people and if I step out to speak… It’ll be so awkward. You do it. Help me please.”

Lu Beichen sent a forehead-smacking emoticon, “Fine, I’ll do it.”

Shortly after, a message popped up in the WeChat group. Lu Beichen said, “Thank you on behalf of Lin Che. It is not convenient for Lin Che to talk now, so she wants me to thank everyone for your trust and support.”

“Woah, Lu Beichen. Where did you come from?”

“Lu Beichen, you’re on Lin Che’s side too?”

“Boss Lu, you didn’t even invite me to your wedding. When are you going to treat me to a meal?”


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