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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 102

Chapter 102 They All Lose Control I

"Why do you answer the phone? Where is Shawn?" Lilian asked in a cold voice.

"He's washing the dishes."

Lilian was surprised at Shawn's washing dishes by himself.

Thinking about how Norah and Shawn had been getting along with each other during these days of her absence, Lilian hated that so much.

"Miss Fountain, if there is nothing else, I'll hang up."

"How do you know I have nothing else? What if I have?"

"Is that so?" Norah sneered, "Then Miss Fountain, tell me what's up? I am married to Shawn, so it's the same for you to tell me."

"Unfortunately, I only want to tell Shawn personally."

Lilian deliberately said the word "personally" in an extremely heavy and clear way.

Norah didn't feel angry but laughed, "Then only if Miss Fountain has the opportunity. As far as I know, Shawn doesn't want to answer your phone at all. I also give you some advice, Miss Fountain. Girls should have a sense of shame. The crime of seducing a married man is always unpleasant to hear."

"Miss Fountain, if you behave well, I do not want to make it too embarrassing; but if you repeatedly destroy my marriage, I won't be merciful anymore."

"Seducing the man?"

"Norah, make it clear! Who is seducing?"

Lilian was so angry with the word "seduce".

"You know who I am pointing out."

After saying that, no longer giving Lilian a chance, Norah directly hung up the phone.

When she put down the phone, she found Shawn standing beside her.

Norah handed over the phone to him, "I just picked up your call. If you are worried about Lilian, you can phone back to explain to her clearly."

"No need."

Shawn said without reaching for the phone.

Then, he sat down beside Norah.

Rarely, they sat together in the living room watching TV.

Norah watched a sweet trendy drama, and Shawn also accompanied her.

As it was a relaxing sweet comedy, Norah watched happily and always laughed out loud.

Shawn sat quietly watching the smile on her face, so bright and shining.

At that moment, he always had a feeling that everything was peaceful.

However, half an hour later, there was a twist of the story line.

It should be a light comedy and always funny.

However, since a crisis, the hero and heroine had opened their minds to each other. It became a romantic drama after that.

Sometimes, the two people hugged. Then, they looked at each other adoringly and kissed.

The hero became extremely charming to the heroine, and the ways he teased the heroine were so exciting that they made people blush.

When the hero and heroine kissed again, Norah thoroughly blushed.

Especially when she thought that Shawn was sitting next to her, she felt more and more like a boiled shrimp, feeling shy with her whole body being red from head to toe.

She regretted.

Now, she regretted watching this drama with Shawn.

She couldn't change the channel.

Otherwise, it would be too obvious.

However, Shawn, who sat straight with two slender legs crossed, seriously watched TV without moving his eyes.

Norah secretly sighed that men and women were different.

She was still too shy.

In addition, did the hero and heroine need to constantly kiss and hug when they fall in love with each other?

However, she also did not have a serious relationship.

She heard that if a couple was in love, they couldn't help to stick with each other at every moment, so it's probably true.

Just when Norah was looking at Shawn and wandering off to think about these questions, Shawn suddenly withdrew his sight and looked at her, "Why do you look at me?"

"Ah..." Norah immediately reacted and hurriedly said, "No...no..."


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