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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 103

Chapter 103 They All Lose Control II

"Shawn, what are you doing?"

He walked so fast that Norah couldn't even keep up.

Moreover, she didn't know at all what he was doing when he suddenly took her upstairs.

"Slow down. The TV is still on." Norah said.

Shawn shouted, and the TV was immediately turned off.

Just after reaching the bedroom, Shawn closed the door, and then took her hand and pressed her against the door.

"I'm a little thirsty."

He looked at Norah with his black eyes in a deep voice.

"Then, I'll go get you some water."

"No need."

Then he lowered and kissed her directly.

Norah unbelievably widened her eyes.

So, he took her upstairs in such a hurry, not for other things at all, but just wanted to...kiss her.

If she hadn't grabbed his clothes and wasn't leaning her back against the door, Norah doubted that she would have fallen.

She had never seen him with such tenderness and madness together so that she couldn't bear for several times.

No matter how she was addicted, however, she was still able to distinguish something.

When they separated, Shawn's eyes were scarlet like blood and full of lust with explicit and fervent impulsion. She was not twenty years old anymore, so she thoroughly understood him.


He rested his head against her forehead, saying her name with much tenderness and affection.

"Are you still afraid?"

He gently put her hair and pinned it behind her ear with his fingers.

And then, he touched her cheek softly.

He was so gentle, with tenderness in his hands, his eyes, and everything about him.

"I'm sorry. It was my fault before. Don't worry, and I will be softer and gentler this time."

Norah lowered her head and didn't say anything.

But she had already blushed.

She admitted that she never had any emotional resistance to him.

Even after he hurt her over and over again, she still had so many unrealistic fantasies about this man in front of her.

What would it be like for them to fall in love?

What would it be like for them to have a wedding?

What it would be like for them to travel together with their baby?

Anyway, too much...

She should give up and stop loving him. Why couldn't she learn it?

Norah, you were as blind as a fruit bat. Please just admit that you love him so much that you had no turning back.

When she first met him, she felt that Shawn was the sunshine that lit up her world, gentled her life, and gave her such bright hope.

Later, he was her salvation.

Because it was this marriage that allowed her to get rid of Kelvin Dulin and from her previous life of going through hardships. Now she had a roof over her head, and food on her table and even became Mrs. Lawson, who was envied by everyone.

But now, he was poison.

He hurt her heart and body thoroughly.

But she was still addicted and couldn't quit him.


He called her again. It was still so soft that Norah couldn't resist anymore.

"But...I haven't showered yet."


Shawn said, carrying her to the bathroom.

The water clattered in the bathroom.

The bathroom was hazy with steam.

Their breath was hot.


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