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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Shawn, You Are Not Allowed to Go

"I'll be right there."

Shawn hangs up the phone with his eyes cold.

At this time, Norah doesn't know where her courage comes from. She suddenly rushes to the front of Shawn and stops him with her arms outstretched like an angry cat.

"Norah, what are you doing?"

"You are not allowed to go." Norah raises her head and looks at him stubbornly.

The expression on Shawn's face becomes a little colder. His voice becomes even more decisive, "Get out of the way."

"I said that you are not allowed to go."

"Shawn, you are my husband and we are husband and wife. I will not allow you to leave me and visit a mistress who is destroying our marriage."

The word "mistress" is finally said loudly by Norah.

Before, no matter how angry and frustrated she was, she had never scolded Lilian in the face of Shawn.

But this time, she doesn't need to care.

She can finally speak out the anger in her heart without scruples and burdens.

"Norah, when did you start to speak so sharply?"

Norah responds with a smile, "I've always been as sharp as a hedgehog with thorns all over its body. Doesn't Mr. Lawson know?"

She is never kind, otherwise she couldn't survive until today in the environment where she spent her childhood.

The reason why she has become so docile and well-behaved is that she loves him!

But what about him?

Just take everything for granted.

For him, she pulled out the thorns all over her body. Only a soft body and a soft heart were left. But what he brought her was neither protection nor an armor, but violent storms again and again which were sharper and sharper.

Every time he brought her a deadly blow.

Norah has never been a vexatious person, but at this moment she wants to fight for it.

"I always consider you as a well-behaved, sensible, gentle and polite girl. Norah, I hope you don't make me change my thought."

"Then you are absolutely wrong. I'm not docile at all. I'm even not sensible at all. I'm just a vicious woman with a murderous heart."

For some reason, hearing her describe herself like this, Shawn feels very heartache and particularly uncomfortable.

"Don't belittle yourself like this?"

Heh... belittle.

"Shawn, do you forget that you say this yourself? I have a murderous heart."

The phone rings again as if it's chasing a ghost.

Shawn is no longer patient. He reaches out, grabs Norah and pulls her aside.

Just as he is about to walk out of the door, suddenly, there is a loud noise behind him. Something falls from the window.


He turns around and shouts loudly.

When he sees that there is no one by the window, his heart almost stops.


He runs to the window and frantically looks down.

When he sees what fell down is only a vase, he immediately breaths a sigh of relief and gasps loudly.

But at this time, Norah is nowhere to be seen.

Shawn directly picks up his phone and makes a call, "Send a few people here and two women should be included."


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