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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Norah's Abnormality

"Shawn..." She reaches out and takes Shawn's hand pitifully, "Are you leaving now?"

"Since you're fine, it's not suitable for me to stay longer, let alone stay overnight. I've said before that I'm married and you're not. It's not good for both of us if I stay here. It's good that Rosie stays with you."

"Call me if you need help."

After Lilian hears this, she almost cries on the spot, "Shawn, you also believe those photos, right?"

"You also think I'm a bad girl who hooks up with men, right?"

"Wuuu... No, Shawn. Those photos are fake. You are the only one I love whether I'm at home or abroad."

Lilian cries sadly. But at this moment, Shawn only feels upset.

Because he can't wait to leave. Norah's situation makes him very worried.

Pushing Lilian's hand aside, Shawn says coldly with his thin lips, "It doesn't matter if it's true or not. I'll help you suppress this matter."

"What did you say? It doesn't matter?" Lilian looks at Shawn in disbelief.

How can a girl's reputation be unimportant to a man?

No man doesn't want to be in love with a girl when she's the most innocent?

However, he should say it doesn't matter.

So, does he really not want her?

"Shawn, you don't want me anymore, do you?" Lilian raises her head and tears stream down.

"I have my wife." Shawn says seriously.

"Wife?" Lilian sneers, "What kind of wife is she? She's just a tool. Why do you rather want her than me?"

"Shawn, what's my disadvantage compared to her?"

"You're good, but she's my wife. And I have to be responsible to her."

At this moment, Shawn suddenly recalls what his grandfather said to him.

"She is a girl and has no job yet. Her mother has been dead for many years. She has no siblings, grandparents, grandparents and relatives. It can be said that she has no relatives. Have you thought about if she gets divorced, how will she live after the divorce and how will she face gossips from others?"

Yes, he really can't imagine it.

"It's getting late. You should rest early."

After speaking, Shawn leaves the hospital resolutely without any hesitation.

As soon as he gets into the car, he calls the family and asks about Norah's situation.

The answer is: Mrs. Lawson is fine. Everything is as usual and there is nothing unusual.

Hearing this, Shawn breaths a sigh of relief.

However, after he gets home and sees Norah, Shawn realizes how abnormal the so-called normal is.

Norah is having dinner when he gets home.

The dinner is very rich and the whole table is full of dishes which are all liked by her.

Shawn is also hungry. After washing his hands, he sits at the table and starts to eat. Norah sits on the left side of the table and he sits on the right side of the table.

The table is already large. After they have contradictions, the table seems even larger.

From when Shawn arrived at home, to when he washed his hands, to when he sat at the table to eat, Norah pretended not to see him at all.

She keeps her head down. Her eyes are cold. She quietly eats the food in her bowl.

What's more, she even seldom picks food from dishes.

Although there is a huge table of dishes in front of her, Norah only picks food from a few dishes in front of her. As for the other dishes, she doesn't even pick food from them. And she doesn't even turn the table from beginning to end.

When she notices that Shawn sits at the table to eat, her eating speed becomes obviously faster.

Seeing she only eats vegetables, Shawn puts the shrimp in her bowl forwardly, "Eat more. You are too thin."

"I don't want to eat shrimp today."

After speaking politely and indifferently, Norah continues to eat.

At this moment, she doesn't even have the thought to look up at this man.

What if she sees him? It won't change any facts but only makes her more heartbroken.


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