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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Divorse Agreement

When Norah woke up, there was only white ceiling above her head, and the smell of disinfectant diffused everywhere.

Shawn sat on the side, seeing her woke up, he strode over. "How do you feel? Does it still hurt?"

"I feel better now!"

She was in pale, both face and lips.

"I aksed someone to reheat the soup. Eat some."

Shawn opened the heat preservation bucket and scooped the pumpkin soup for her with his slender fingers.

This was Norah's favorite soup.

"I don't want to eat." She shook her head.

Shawn still walked over with the soup, "You just woke up, and didn't eat at night. Your body is very weak. If you don't eat, how can you recover to health."

"Your husband is right, you must supplement nutrition now." The doctor walked in wearing a white suit.

Seeing the doctor, Norah immediately sat up straight.

At the same time, he looked at Shawn, "I want to eat some bananas, can you buy some for me?"

"I'll ask Anthony to buy some." Shawn said.

Norah frowned slightly, "I want to eat what you buy in person."

"Okay, I'll go."

After confirming that he had left for a while, Norah looked at the doctor, "Doctor, my baby..."

Her voice trembled so much that she didn't dare to ask any further questions.

The doctor smiled and looked at her kindly, "Don't worry, the baby and you are very lucky. The baby is still sleeping in your belly intact."

"Really?" Norah smiled instantly.

Her tension and sadness were swept away at once.

Maybe because she was too happy that she burst into tears while smiling. "Great, thank you doctor!"

"Not at all. This is my responsibility. Although the baby is safe now, you mustn't treat it lightly. Especially in the first three months. You have to be cautious, don't do dangerous actions and stay happy. Only when you are happy, the baby can be happy in your belly."

"Well, I'll definitely keep it in mind." Norah nodded vigorously.

"Also, be sure to remember to take the prenatal checkup on time."


Looking at the pumpkin soup on the table, the doctor added, "Every meal must be taken on time, if you don't eat, the baby can't get enough nutrition. Remember this, if you want your baby tobe safe, you must stay in good condition."

"Got it. I will eat on time from now on."

"I see that your husband cares about you very much and he's quite attentive. Being pregnant is an important thing. Are you sure to keep him from it?"

In the emergency room, Norah pulled the doctor's sleeve and kept begging, "Doctor, the person waiting outside is my husband. He doesn't know about my pregnancy. Please don't tell him."

Norah's eyes gradually dimmed. "We are about to divorce soon. He doesn't want this child, but I want to keep him."

"So doctor, please do me a favor. Don't tell him, otherwise I may lost my baby."

"Well..." The doctor sighed and looked at her with some distress, "If it's not beacuse there're no other solutions but to get a divorce, I still suggest you think about it carefully. The child can only grow up healthily and happily under the mutual care of parents."

"Thank you doctor, I will seriously consider it."

When Shawn came back, Norah was drinking the soup.

She was holding a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, eating slowly and seriously.

To his surprise, after eating a bowl of soup, she forwardly asked him, "Can I have more?"


Shawn was a little excited, and scooped another bowl and handed it to Norah.

Norah finished the second bowl of pumpkin soup and picked up the banana.

The banana was quite big. After eating two bowls of soup, her was full. Thinking about that, she put it down.

"Why did you put it back?" Shawn frowned.

"I'm a little full, this one is too big, I can't finish it and afraid it will be wasted."

Shawn picked up the banana and peeled it, shaving half of it and then handed the remaining half to Norah.


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