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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12 She Signed Her Name

Shawn raised his head and looked at her, "Are you sure you want 20 million dollars?"

"You're not willing to?" Norah looked at him mockingly.

"If you really ask for it, I will agree." Shawn said.

Norah tore up the "Divorce Agreement" angrily, and then threw away all the scraps of paper in front of Shawn.

"I am a loser, really. Shawn, am I just a money-worshiping woman who only covets property in your heart?"

"So, you really love Lilian so much? For her, you're even willing to give me one hundred million dollars without any reluctance?"

"It's not about her, I said, as long as your requirement is not excessive, I will try my best to satisfy you. It's me ended the agreement time ahead of schedule. I am the defaulting party. Now that you want money, I will satisfy you."

Norah looked at him and suddenly laughed out loud.

She clenched her fists, and the tears came out. "Now that you have already reckoned it, it is meaningless for me to explain."

"Go out, I don't want to see you."

After Shawn left, Anthony walk in cautiously.

Norah looked at him angrily, "What are you doing here?"

Anthony placed the documents in his hands on the table one by one, then looked at Norah, "Mr. Lawson asked me to print five copies, and told me to send you the electronic version as well, saying that when you are not angry, please sign it."

Norah grabbed the pen and signed it without reading.

Then threw it to Anthony. "Tell him, I don't care about his money."

When she went to the Lawson family, she didn't bring a penny with her.

When she left, she wouldn't take a penny either.

After getting the "Divorce Agreement" signed by Norah, Anthony immediately called Shawn. "Mr. Lawson, Mrs. Lawson has signed it."

"She signed it?"

It seemed that he did not expect it to go so smoothly, and Shawn was quite surprised .

"Did she say anything?"

"Mrs. Lawson said, she doesn't want a cent of your money." Anthony said honestly.

After hanging up the phone, Shawn rubbed his eyebrows forcefully.

For some reason, he suddenly became upset.

On the opposite side, Lilian asked with a gentle smile. "Shawn, you just said signed what?"

"Divorce agreement." He replied lightly.

Lilian was stunned and asked incredulously, "You mean, she has already agreed to divorce and has signed it?"


"That's great, Shawn, after so many years, we can finally openly stand together." Lilian stood up and hugged him happily.

However, Shawn seemed a little lacking in interest. For some reason, hearing her sign without any hesitation, he didn't feel as happy and relaxed as he imagined.

"I'm going to the bathroom."

He gently pushed Lilian away and went outside to light a cigarette.

Smoke arose, his handsome profile became hazy.

She signed without hesitation.

She must be going to meet her new love interest.

It turned out that in her heat he, Shawn, was not as good as an old man who had married for two times. This realization made him very frustrated.

Lilian happened to be there when Anthony brought the "Divorce Agreement".

"Give it to me, I'll hand it to Shawn in a while."

Thinking that Mr. Lawson was about to marry her, Anthony gave it to her without taking precautions.

Lilian clenched her hands tightly when she saw the division of the property and what Shawn gave to Norah.

Such a big quantity?

It was really something that ordinary people couldn't possess even if they struggled for several lifetimes.

Why did Shawn give it to her generously.


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