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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 She Had a Car Accident

"What deal?"

"Don't you want money? I just want this bracelet, 1 million dollars, you sell the bracelet to me." Lilian blurted out.

"Ten million?" Norah sneered, "This bracelet is worth 20 million dollars. You're asking me to make a loss."

Lilian made a decision and gritted her teeth, "Okay, 20 million."

Although it was very expensive, as long as she could buy the bracelet and marry Shawn, let alone 20 million dollars, even 1 billion dollars was not a problem. After all, you couldn't get something without paying.

"What I've heard? My mother-in-law recently told me that Miss Fountain is no longer favored. I'm really curious, where can you get 20 million dollars?"

"It's none of your business. I'll give you the money anyway." Lilian said impatiently.

Norah held back her wrist and hid the jade bracelet in her clothes again. She glanced at the "Divorce Agreement" in Lilian's hand.

"I won't sell the jade bracelet no matter how much you pay. What's more, I have to thank Miss Fountain for kindly reminding me that according to our country's marriage laws, property should be divided equally when divorce. It seems that I should sign a new divorce agreement to clearly divide the property between Shawn and I."

"What did you say?"

Lilian clenched her fists, she couldn't believe what she heard.

Norah was too thick-skinned, and she was pushing her luck!

"Norah, stop. You are a poor, how could you ask for the division of property from Shawn."

Seeing Norah standing up and leaving, Lilian chased her in the wheelchair emotionally.

Soon, they arrived at the gate of the hospital.

In front of the gate was a street which was crowded with people and vehicles.

There were lots of people and vehicles were much more.

Lilian was just chasing Norah, sliding her wheelchair frantically, chasing after her very fast.

Suddenly, a car drove from the right, and by the time she noticed it, it was too late. She and the wheelchair were in the middle of the road.


The wheelchair was knocked over instantly, and Lilian fell to the ground.

When Norah heard the sound and turned around, what she saw was Lilian flipped over her back and the wheelchair was turned over.

She suddenly felt heart stopped beating for one second and quickly turned around and ran back.

Fortunately, it was in front of the hospital, and soon an emergency doctor came out and pushed Lilian into the emergency room.

When Norah ran over, only Lilian's mobile phone was left on the ground, with warm blood splattered on it, exuding a strong smell of blood.

As soon as she picked it up, she covered her mouth and vomited frantically.

She didn't feel better until her stomach was empty, almost spitting out the bitter water.

Just then, a man got out of the car and looked at Norah cursingly, "Hey, are you a family member of that person just now?"

Norah was about to say no when the man continued, "I have to say I just drove normally and obeyed the traffic rules completely. She ran the red light, and it has nothing to do with me."

"No, you caused the accident, you have to wait for the police to come." Norah held him.

The man was extremely impatient, and pushed Norah away, "You're annoying. I already said it was her fault. I've told you, there is no way for a blackmail and make me pay for the medical bills."

"Get out of the way, I still have something else to do."

The man passed by, got in the car and drove away quickly.

Norah sniffed the strong smell of alcohol on his body and frowned forcefully.

This man was obviously drunk driving, how dare he blame others.

She secretly memorized the license plate number and the man's face, then immediately went to the hospital.

She didn't have time to fool around with this man here, and now Lilian's life was the most important.

If Lilian really died.

She dared not imagine.

Shawn would definitely hate her.

The lamp with the words "Emergency Room" was on. Norah had a glance at it, only to feel that her legs were like taffy.


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