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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Being Pregnent

"I told her." Shawn admitted decisively and simply.

Norah smiled wryly. Although she had already guessed it, she still wanted to hear him say it himself.

"Shawn, who is the person who can't wait? I have promised to tell your grandfather about the divorce after his birthday. Of course, I will also get back the marriage registration file and household registration book from him. So you don't need to remind me so deliberately."

"I won't forget."

After speaking, Norah was almostly about to cry.

She was particularly uncomfortable, as if a marble was rolling around in her heart.

If he wanted her to get those things back, he could tell her directly.

Why did he ask Lilian to ask her?

Looking at her, Shawn felt a little guilty. After all, although he didn't mention it, it was indeed because of him.

After waking up yesterday, Lily cried very sadly. She threw herself into his arms and said that she was so afraid that she would die and would not be able to see him.

So she offered to get married first. And after the family had accepted it, they would hold the wedding.

"Lily, we may not be able to get married yet."

"Why? Shawn, do you know how scared I was when I fell into a coma in a car accident? I was afraid that I would die. Then I can't be your bride, or marry you."

"The marriage registration file and household registration book of Norah and I are kept with my grandpa. They are necessary for me to get a divorce. Then we can get married."

He accidentally slipped out when explaining.

Unexpectedly, she remembered it and used it to make a request to Norah.

For the rest of the journey, Norah was very silent. Lying by the window, she quietly watched the flashing scene outside the window.

the Lawson Mansion was far away from the busy city. It was in a place surrounded by mountains and rivers with beautiful scenery.

In fact, it was very similar to the mountain behind her hometown when she was a child.

Time was so fast. It had been ten years in a flash.

She had been away from her hometown for ten years. She had also stayed in the Lawson family for ten years and had loved him for ten years.

In ten years, a woman's most beautiful and youthful years, she gave all her love at first sight, heart and secret love to the same man.

But now?

Extending her fingers, Norah calculated carefully, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

The day after tomorrow was grandpa's birthday.

As soon as the day after tomorrow was over, they would go for a divorce.

So, from now on, they only had three days as a couple.

If possible, she wished that these ten fingers could go back and forth, repeating the calculation over and over again, never ending.

Slowly, Norah became sleepy.

Maybe she was so tired this morning that she fell asleep as soon as she got down on her stomach.

Soon, she felt a warm and powerful palm on her shoulder. Shawn said softly in her ear, "Are you sleepy?"

In a daze, she seemed to be held in his arms by him.

She had to say that his arms were really generous and comfortable.

With her eyes closed, Norah squeezed in his arms. Then she finally found a comfortable position and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she felt that the scene in front of her was moving, and even the white clouds floating in the sky were floating gently.

What happened?

The next moment, Shawn's voice sounded above her head, "Awake?"

Only then did Norah realize that she was in his arms and was walking with him in his arms. No wonder she felt that what was in front of her was suddenly near and far.

Reaching out, she hammered her head, feeling that she was really sleepy.

"How long have I slept?" Norah asked.

"I don't know how long you have slept, but you must be sleeping like a lazy pig."

A lazy pig?

She was Sleeping Beauty even when she was asleep!

"Then you must be a big lazy pig." Norah retorted him.

Near the door of the hall, Norah suddenly remembered that she was still being held by Shawn. So she hurriedly said, "It's almost there. Let me down quickly."

"Why?" Shawn smiled , "Isn't this what grandpa wants to see most? You don't want him to be happy?"

She really wanted to make grandpa happy, but not in this way.


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