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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18 What? He Brought Her Pajamas?

Norah panicked for a while. Just as she was about to speak, Shawn spoke first, "Marry, nothing, she can't be pregnant."

"But Young Master, from my experience, Norah's symptoms are really like pregnancy."

Shawn frowned,with his voice being decisive and crisp, "Impossible."

He had meant to say that they had been on contraception, and that Norah was taking birth control pills. But he was afraid that grandpa would blame them for hearing this, so he put it another way.

"I've been busy with work lately and travel a lot. So we don't have a chance at all."

These words completely extinguished the flames of Marry's suspicion.

Although a little disappointed, she immediately scooped another bowl of bird's nest for Norah, "Young Madam, you are still young. As long as you take care of your body, you will be able to get pregnant soon."

Just depending on Mr. Lawson's physical condition, he might not be able to see this day.

After dinner, everyone went to work.

Thinking that Marry had just mentioned about her pregnancy, Norah couldn't hold back and looked at him, "I want to ask you a question?"


"Why were you so calm and determined when Marry said I might be pregnant just now? You never thought about it, what if I was really pregnant?"

Shawn narrowed his eyes suddenly, with his eyes being dark.

The next moment, his cool voice poured into Norah's ears like a cold wind, "Nonsense, it is impossible."

"I mean if it is true."

"Even if there is." His eyes darkened and he continued, "It is not suitable for us now, and I will not allow it to happen."

Norah was hit hard. His answer was the same as last time. He really never wanted to have a baby that belonged to her and him.

Now, if he really knew about her pregnancy, he would definitely think it was a burden.

"Sorry baby. Mom still can't get Dad's love."

"But don't worry. No matter how difficult it is in the future, I will never give up on you. No matter what Dad decides, I look forward to your birth. So you must grow up healthy and healthy in my belly."

Although sad, Norah still tried her best to smile so as not to show any flaws in herself.

They had just sat in the living room for a few minutes when James came down to tell them that Grandpa woke up.

"Really? Then let's hurry up."

Being happy, Norah grabbed Shawn's arm and went upstairs.

Shawn let her hold him and followed her upstairs.

The room that Martin lived in was one of the most ancient and charming in the whole house. The study, bedroom, lounge, and conversation hall were all available in his room, which is transparent from north to south and very bright.

As soon as she walked in with Shawn, Norah saw Martin walking over with a cane.


Norah immediately released Shawn's arm. She jumped up and ran to Martin to hold him.

She was like grandpa's granddaughter, but he was like a grandson-in-law, an outsider.

"Norah, I finally see you back."

Martin was very happy to see Norah. His pale face also looked more bloody and radiant.

James sighed on the side, "Norah still has magic power. As soon as you came back, Martin was instantly refreshed. This is more useful than me taking care of him for a month."

"Uncle James, you and grandpa both dote on me."

Not to mention how happy they were talking.

The hearty laughter of Martin echoed in the room. The golden sunlight in the afternoon sprinkled on the soft clothes of them, like a layer of golden light, gentle and bright.

Shawn had not seen such a warm scene for a long time.

At this point, he really wanted to thank Norah well.


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