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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24 Taking up the Cudgels for Norah

The pair of metal chopsticks smashed fiercely to the thick wooden table.

The next moment, Shawn got up slowly, pointing his slender finger to Rosalyn and Ingrid, then said mercilessly with a cold face, "Now, throw these two people out immediately."

"What... what?"

With her lips trembling, Rosalyn couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Today was grandpa's 80th birthday. How could Shawn throw her and her mother out on such an important occasion?

Also, she didn't expect that it was simply because she had scolded his unremarkable wife.

"What? Ain't I clear enough? Why are you standing there?"

Seeing that James didn't move, Shawn became even more angry, his dark eyes were as cold as ice.

At this time, James finally knew that the young master wasn't just being mad for a while, but was really angry.

But Rosalyn and Ingrid were after all the members of Lawson family. Although they were from different generations, they shared the same family name "Lawson".

James hesitated for a while, then looked at Martin.

"Master, the young master..."

Martin looked at James and nodded, "Just do as he said."

Rosalyn and Ingrid had hoped that grandpa would be on their side, they didn't expect even grandpa would not help them.

Soon, the Lawson family's bodyguards came in.

They stood on two sides, with the stronger one standing beside Ingrid and Rosalyn, "Please come out with us."

Rosalyn sat still, she blinked and looked to Martin in pathetic.

"Grandpa, although I'm not your granddaughter, I'm still a member of Lawson family. Today is your 80-year-old birthday. Are you really going to throw me and my mother out on this festive day?"

"My dad has gone for so many years, my mother and I have been supported and relied on each other for all these years. Are you hardhearted enough to treat us like this?"

Rosalyn was good at angling for sympathy.

But her words indicated the reason why James looked at Martin again after Shawn giving the order.

It has been a few years since Rosalyn's father, Bill, passed away. Since then, she and her mother have suffered a lot bullying and had a hard time.

If it wasn't for Martin's help, who had been taking care of them as a distant relative of the Lawson family, they would live a tough life that hard to be imagined.

Martin kindly helped them, treating them as members of Lawson family, but he didn't expect that she dared to insult his granddaughter-in-law in public. And this was something the he couldn't bear.

"Grandpa, I know I was wrong. I shouldn't laugh at Shawn's wife. Please forgive us!"

"Grandpa, I feel so sorry for my fault."

Rosalyn pretended to have a sincere attitude of admitting her mistake, with tears coming down, which made Martin almost forgave her.

At this time, Ingrid seized the opportunity. She looked at Susan and grabbed her arm.

"Sister-in-law, although Bill and Marty are not blood brothers but cousins, they are from the same family and have the same grandpa. You're my sister-in-law, please help us to persuade grandpa."

Over these years, Susan has indeed taken care of them for the sake of Bill and Marty's blood relationship.

But sometimes, she could hear their arrogant remarks.

However, she didn't blame them if they didn't go too far.

Unexpectedly, it was her indulgence and forgiveness that contributed to their greedy, bullying and vain personalities.

Susan calmly pulled out her arm, then looked at Ingrid, "You're right, you've called me sister-in-law for so many years, I shouldn't have sacrificed ties of blood to righteousness, but have you and your mother ever remembered my kindness? Who was Rosalyn mocking just now?"

"She laughs at Shawn's wife, which means she laughed at Shawn and me."

So far, if Ingrid and Rosalyn could leave obediently, the Lawson family would not embarrass them in the future.

But the two of them didn't know what's good for themselves. Rosalyn pushed the bodyguard away and cried so hard, "Grandpa, you can't treat me like this."



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