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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Being Molested


His answer confused Norah.

In this weather, it should be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night, so it couldn't be "hot" anyway.

But when she thought of the wine he had drunk during the day, Norah instantly understood, "It must be the influence of alcohol. Go and take a bath. You will feel more comfortable after taking a bath."

Shawn thought her words reasonable.

He nodded, "Get my pajamas for me."

Norah "..."

She blushed and refused him, "Get your pajamas by yourself."

"If you don't take it for me, I'll come out naked after taking the shower!" Shawn said.

Norah glanced at him, then silently turned around to got his pajamas.

How didn't she discovered his shameless face before?

After finding his pajamas, Norah threw it to him.

Unexpectedly, Shawn reached out for a yard after taking an inch.

He stood up directly, stretching out his hands and standing in front of Norah like an emperor, "Take off my clothes."

Was she a servant?

"Shawn, this is not like you at all. When were you so lazy?"

He didn't refute, but squinted and nodded, "Well, I don't feel like myself either. But if you don't help me, I won't take pajamas to the bathroom, and I'll just come out naked."


Big rascal.

Norah could only compromise, she walked up to him, standing on tiptoes to unbutton his shirt.

Since the first two buttons had already been untied, Norah started directly from the third one.

But she felt that Shawn was very disturbing to her.

The breath he exhaled was like magic to disturbed her mind.

Especially when they stood so close, his breath smelled of wine, floating around her.

Norah felt that even the air had become thinner, and now she also felt the temperature was extraordinarily hot today.

But Shawn moved closer to her.

Norah quickly pushed him, "Stay... away from me."

After reaching out her hand, Norah felt regretful.

Because her little hand was pressing on his chest at the moment, and his skin was hot like fire, burning her hand.

The heartbeat of his left atrium, which was beating vigorously through her palm.

At that moment, Norah had an illusion that their hearts were connected together.

They were tightly connected.

As if they were the two closest people in the world.

However, it was only his illusion.

"Feeling comfortable?" Suddenly, Shawn's voice came.

Norah was stunned, and she didn't realize what he meant.

Shawn looked down at her hand, "You seemed to enjoy touching me?"

Norah reacted immediately and took her hand away abruptly.

When she unbuttoned the last button of his shirt, her fingers trembled uncontrollably.

She had seen many good-looking men.

But as for men's figures, she has only seen Shawn's in her life.

His body shape was extremely sexy.

Wheat-colored skin, solid and powerful muscles, with sexy eight-pack abs, this was the figure that could make all women crazy.

Coupled with his handsome look and deep facial contours, nobody could refuse him.

The more Norah thought about it, the redder her face blushed.

What to do?

She felt the air was thin again.


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