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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Let Me Carry You

"Mat, why are you here?"

Norah was quite surprised to meet Matthew here.

"Today is my dad's death anniversary. I'm here to visit his tomb. How about you? Why are you here?" Matthew 's voice was particularly low.

"I'm sorry for that. I'm here to see my mom."

"Are you alone?"

Matthew was shocked.

After all, he knew that Norah and Shawn had got married. Norah's mother was also Shawn's mother-in-law.

It was not reasonable to let Norah come here alone.

Norah nodded, "Yes. I haven't been here for a long time. I miss my mother so much, so I want to come here and see her."

At that time, there was another rumbling of thunder.

Then, it began to rain.

It was small raindrops at first, but soon, it was already bean-sized raindrops in less than two minutes.

The heavy rain poured down. The mountain was quickly embraced by clouds and became misty instantly.

Norah and Matthew both sped up and went down the mountain.

But Norah was worried about the baby, and the road was slippery, Norah didn't dare to go forward boldly.

"Don't be afraid. Follow me."

At that moment, she heard Matthew's voice.

Next, Norah felt her palms warm, and a pair of big and gentle hands grabbed her.

"Sorry to offend you in this situation."

Matthew's voice was full of thoughtfulness and tenderness.

Norah's burden also lightened a lot.

Although she knew that it was inappropriate to hold the hands of a man since she had married even it was because of the heavy rain, she did not pull her hand free and refuse for the safety of the baby.

The road was quite slippery, and there were several stairs forward. If she walked alone, she would fall.

She couldn't imagine what if she fell down the stairs.

Norah felt more at ease and dared to go forward for Matthew was holding her hand.

In the pouring rain, Matthew held Norah's hand to walk in the front and she followed him.

His back was broad and tall.

Across the hazy rain curtain, there suddenly appeared a strong feeling of familiarity in Norah's mind.

Because this back was too very familiar for her.

It... looked like Shawn's a lot.

How could it be so similar?

Even for a moment, she thought it was Shawn who came to pick her up.

And then, the rain became heavier. Lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled with a torrential downpour.

When going down the first stair, Norah didn't see the road clearly, and suddenly she missed her step.

She then lost balance and fell over instantly. Suddenly, her heartbeat seemed to cease.

She even went blank for a moment and completely forgot to think. She was full of fear.

She didn't open her eyes until she felt a strong embrace around her and it was not as painful as she imagined.

Having realized that she had been caught, Norah immediately got relieved, "Thank you, Mat. It scared me."


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