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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Norah, Are You So Reluctant?

As soon as she finished speaking, Shawn had already leaned down and kissed her lips directly.

This time, he was slow and gentle.

He was completely different from the irritable, furious, and domineering man last time.

Norah blinked and indulged in his tenderness that she almost forgot to push him away.

After recovering her composure, she immediately stretched out her hand, trying to push him away.

However, as soon as she stretched out her hand, Shawn already grabbed her wrist. His movements were also extremely gentle, as if he's a decent gentleman who had no flaws.

In this way, after a few back and forth, she was defeated.

In the end, all she could do was grit her teeth so that he couldn't break in.

Shawn knew her mind. He smiled. In the dark night, his pair of amorous eyes were particularly attractive.

He was neither angry nor irritated. He was still patient and kissed her tenderly, as if waiting for Norah to take the initiative to disarm and surrender.

Suddenly, Shawn lowered his head. He leaned over and approached Norah's auricle. He blew softly and said with a charming smile, "Norah , you can't wait to untie my clothes."

The voice and the breath charmed her.

When Norah heard this, her whole body couldn't help trembling. She almost lost control.

Hearing that she had untied her clothes, Norah hurriedly lowered her head.

Only then did she realize that the bathrobe on Shawn's body was indeed unbuttoned at some point.

As soon as the bath belt was taken off and the bathrobe was loosened, his abdominal muscles on his chest broke into her eyes immediately. That strong and sexy body quickly made Norah blushed.

His wheat color skin was seductive and his eight-pack abs and mermaid lines were sexy.

Norah's face was as red as boiled shrimp.

Although the two had not been together many times, this man had always known how to arouse her emotions, and even more, how to make her shy and emotional.

After recovering her composure, Norah immediately explained, "Don't frame me."

"Your bathrobe was accidentally loosened when we were struggling just now. I didn't make it."

"Who is struggling?" Shawn looked at her with dark eyes.

"It's right that I struggled, but it's because of you..."

Shawn seized the opportunity and sealed her lips with kiss while Norah was speaking.

This time, he wish came true.

Norah regretted it so much that she wanted to kill herself.

She had to admit that tonight Shawn was unbelievably gentle. He guided Norah step by step, and took prior consideration for Norah's feelings.

Norah admitted that she was immersed.

She was immersed in his kiss, and in his deadly tenderness.

Even if she had been angry with him these days, even if she gave him the silent treatment by refusing to sleep with him, even if there were hundreds and thousands of reasons, there was no way to change a thing.

That is, she still loved him.

She loved him deeply.

Ten years. A love spanning ten years occupied her entire youth. How could it be so easy to forget it and deny it!

For many times, she thought if there would be love-forgetting water in the world. If she drank a cup of it, she could really forget him and her ten-year crush.

She was soft-hearted.

But at the critical moment, Norah was still rational.

When his hand continued to go up, Norah shuddered and immediately pushed Shawn away.

She raised her head. Her black eyes were clear, "Have you figured it out? At this moment, what do you really want, me or my body?"

The former was related to love;


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