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Fated to Love You Again novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Shawn Knew The Truth

Or, was she burying herself under the covers, shivering with worry, and spending a restless night as before?

Thinking of this, Shawn became more regretful.

He really shouldn't have slammed the door and stormed out on impulse, leaving her alone in the room.

But he was a man with self-esteem.

Since he had already come out in complete fury, how could he go back so instantly?

At least, she had to make the gesture to beg him to stay.

Then, he comforted himself, as long as Norah came down to look for him, or showed her white feather, he would forgive her and go back immediately.

However, Shawn waited for several minutes and it was extremely quiet in the stairwell.

Had she fell asleep already?

Shawn couldn't sit still. He stepped out and crept up to the second floor.

The bedroom on the second floor, the bridal chamber for the two of them, was tightly closed at the moment. And there was no trace of movement.

Shawn's heart froze immediately.

In the end, it was he who thought too much. She might just watch him leave without even getting off the bed or opening the door, let alone looking for him.

He was the only one who was obsessed in the relationship.

With a wry smile, Shawn left the second floor.

Since she didn't need him, there was no need for him to corner her.

After changing his clothes, Shawn went directly to the garage to drive a car.

In the rain, he drove his car on a deserted road and made a phone call at the same time.

"Have you slept yet? Come and have a drink."

Ivan looked at the time and replied with his teeth gritting, "Shawn, it's two o'clock in the morning. Do you think I should be awake?"

"Don't you always stay up all night?"

As soon as he heard Shawn's words, Ivan instantly remembered the previous event.

On the morning of that day, the sun shone into the room. Although there were curtains, the room was still bright.

Vivian woke up early, but he had been sleeping.

During the period, Vivian kept calling him for several times, but he was still sleeping.

As you could imagine, Vivian was so angry that morning that she didn't even eat breakfast and went back directly.

The key was she went directly to the crew, which was in a deserted place with no traffic.

So, for a whole month, the two did not see each other.

Later, as soon as Vivian came back, Ivan immediately rushed to admit his mistake.

Vivian lay beside him, like a fierce wife, poked his high nose bridge, and said seriously and sternly, "Ivan, remember what you promised, you are not allowed to stay up all night in the future. "

"If I catch you do that again, I'll ignore you."

"Also, considering your age, it's time for you to take care of your figure. Those young handsome actors in our crew are super self-disciplined every day. They not only diet to control weight, but also do sports and exercise. Not to mention that they use a facial mask every morning and evening. They are even more delicate than me."

"Ivan, look at yourself." Vivian deliberately poked his face, "Your skin is loose. If you don't take care of it, you'll become an old man soon."

Ivan's face darkened immediately. And since then, he really gave up the habit of staying up late.

Of course, except for work matters and special circumstances.

"That was my former habit, now I quit." Ivan replied.

"Stop talking nonsense, come out for a drink." Shawn said directly.

Hearing that he was in a bad mood, Ivan got up with his clothes on.

Ten minutes later, Shawn arrived at the clubhouse.

He ordered a few bottles of whisky and a lot of red wine.

When Ivan walked into the box, all he saw was wine.


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